ooVoo Problems

If ooVoo is down today then you’ll know about it from up-to-date status updates from our readers. The video call, text and voice service has been compared to the likes of Skype because of its similarities. But, when ooVoo call and text problems arise they are normally down to signing up, connections issues, not opening or exiting the way it should.

OoVoo works on many platforms such as iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Windows Phone; you can even access the service via Facebook if you have a HD camera. So many problems can arise, and if they do please leave your location and device you are using please.

Other ooVoo issues can be related to the apps server connection, problems sending or receiving text or voice messages. What is your ooVoo status report today?

ooVoo Status insight for Tuesday 4th of August 2020

If ooVoo is down today, then reports will be found below.

ooVoo Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Lynda Robinson

    Have you sorted this problem and if so how because I have the same issue. Thanks

  • Lynda Robinson

    Have you sorted this problem and if so how because l have the same issue

  • Madison

    The webb app legit is not letting me sign in, i have tried all different things and still not happy letting me in.

  • Laura

    I have tried to login for like two days now and still not working for me, I am located in Greenwich UK.

  • Brandon McLaughlin

    When I try to log in it says there was a problem.

  • Norman

    I want to see my messages but cannot because i am not able to login. I am using the latest iPad.

  • Nathan

    ooVoo is not working for me, I am unable to login. When I do get to sign-in i end up losing connection.

  • joss

    I still give this app 4 stars out of five, because of one little thing – one little problem is now and then it will not let me sign in.

  • Yasmin

    Now and then when i send ooVoo video requests to my friends they do not receive them.

  • Macitier

    This app on my android smartphone is awesome, other than a few hissing sounds it works very well indeed and allows me to stay in contact with my family and friends.

  • Trisha

    Only today it is happening, video chat with people keeps losing connection.

  • Rex

    My friends can hear me when i am using ooVoo, but I cannot hear them.

ooVoo Reports

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