Reddit Problems

Reddit is a website for everyone, it is a place where you can post, vote and read on just about everything. So when there are problems with Reddit servers this can have a huge impact, where users are unable to submit content such as direct links or text posts. Let alone others not able to search the site or look for subreddits.

Is Reddit down? We ask this question because this is the main issue with the most impact in users, there are other issues such as Reddit search problems, photos, videos, posts etc not able to upload etc.

No matter what issue you are having list them all here on Down Today, this is the up-to-date status page for Reddit users if you are having any troubles.

Other errors include search page not working, unable to login and access being limited, and in the past Reddit error codes such as 502, 503, 504, 521 have popped up. If Reddit is down or you are having server issues etc please do list them below.

Reddit Status insight for Tuesday 4th of August 2020

If Reddit is down today, then reports will be found below.

Reddit Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Adyel

    Here we go again “Service Unavailable” I reckon that Thanos is back and has closed his fist to eradicate all hell that has broke loose on Reddit. In a nutshell reddit is down again.

  • Vernon

    On the front-page of Reddit I am getting hardly any links showing. The subs seem to be ok though which is weird.

  • Lexie

    The Reddit page is not working for me either, I am seeing HTTP ERROR 504 because it took too long to respond.

  • Bobbii

    The service is down for me, I am seeing “service unavailable” all the time.

  • Faith

    Not sure about anyone else, but i cannot do anything in Reddit, such as post and open up links.

  • Peter

    LOL, Reddit is down and has been for over 30 minutes so suggesting that it should not be down for more than 15 minutes we do not have to go to work right?

  • Craig

    Oh boy Reddit seems to be having issues right now. My server status is OFFLINE.

  • Jake

    I am using the Sync on my Android and everything seems to be very slow at running.

  • Mike

    I am having issues with both Reddit MLS and Clash of Clans pages.

  • Jason

    No Reddit in Nevada people, is anyone else having issues getting Reddit?

  • Mark

    I am on the Verizon LTE and I have no Reddit coming up on my phone, web version seems fine but when using mobile it is bad.

  • Kevin

    I am in Portland and Reddit is down for me.

  • Chance

    Is Reddit down right now? I cannot seem to search anything, sometimes its opening and other times it is not.

  • Vinnie

    Is Reddit down today? I have tried to access the Overwatch Reddit page and nothing showing up when yesterday it was fine.

  • Lisa

    Is Reddit’s servers down today, I can get the website up and all but not able to login.

  • Irvin

    When trying to access Reddit I am getting a DNS message. Anyone have any ideas what this means?

  • Eric

    I am not able to get any connection with Reddit – May 24th, 2016.

  • Mary

    Not able to login today to open my memes reddit page.

  • Unis

    Is anyone having issues with Reddit’s search? I seem to have issues because not many results are showing when normally i get lots.

  • Ben

    Not able to get on the reddit homepage or any subreddits.

  • Lucy

    The comments on reddit seem to have issues today, not sure if the servers are down or under heavy demand, but they are just not loading right.

  • Marcus

    Earlier on today I got an 503 error code when trying to search Reddit.

  • Bob

    It’s not loading properly in chrome for me.

  • Sammy

    I seem to be having an issues with my reddit login page, its not letting me in.

  • Johnson

    Is anyone getting Reddit error codes 503 and 504 at the moment?

Reddit Reports

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