LastPass Down Today?

LastPass is a superb website and app service that allows its users to keep their passwords secure, allowing them to safely sign into sites with very strong passwords, TouchID or by generating new ones. But when problems occur such as not being able to login or when a total outage occurs this can be a cause for concern.

Instead of having multiple passwords to remember with LastPass you only need the one, basically this system automatically fills in your logins for you. What is your LastPass service status today?

If you think LastPass has been hacked or your login does not work you can report any issue on this page. Maybe there is a total website outage or maybe you would like to ask questions about the service, maintenance or updates. Please feel free to use the comment section below.

LastPass Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If LastPass is down today, then reports will be found below.

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6 years ago

Try to login but keep getting connection error. I have cleared cache, cookies and histore but still not working.

6 years ago

I keep getting an error message when trying to connect with my password that I have never changed.

7 years ago

Not working for me either. Most of the time in the past hour, I just see the main page, but the login icon doesn’t work. I tried an icon in the middle of the screen and attempted to log in there (because I know LastPass was acquired), but that did not work. Now I worry that I gave my login credentials to someone else (not LastPass or LogMeIn). I did get in briefly to try to change my password, but it is not clear whether the password change took. Now I am back to not being able to log in to check.

7 years ago

Is LatPass down because the offline mode is not working?

7 years ago

What is everyones lastpass status, mine is basically offline.

7 years ago

LastPass is down for me, been offline for about 30 minutes now.

7 years ago

I cannot access LastPass, I guess they are having connectivity issues with its service.

7 years ago

LastPass Android app login is down for me and has been for the last 2 hours, I am a little worried they have been hacked or something because I have been locked out of all my passwords thanks to LastPass server outage.

7 years ago

Yeah its down for me online, I can only access offline mode on my smartphone, i am not able to reset any passwords.

7 years ago

I am using Firefox browser plugin and not able to access LastPass, I have tried to log in all morning and nothing. Si in reality I am paying for offline mode only lol.

7 years ago

LastPass seems to be down for a few users, something is wrong with connectivity, they are saying on Twitter that we should use ext/offline mode for now.

7 years ago

I need help, i cannot login or load anything for LastPass, apparently there seems to be a problem with Bell Canada ISP users mainly but i am in the states so i beg to dither.

7 years ago

I am located in San Diego and having issues logging in.

7 years ago

Has LastPass been hacked or something? Because I cannot login to anything.

7 years ago

I am not getting logins in Los Angeles.

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