BC Hydro Down Today?

If you are a customer of the Canadian electric utility provider BC Hydro and having issues such as a power outage etc, then you need a platform to have your say. This page has been set up so you can either report your BC Hydro status as well as read what other customers are having troubles with.

Are you suffering with BC Hydro power outages in your area? With over 1.8 million customers some do experience issues now and then, with the main being no power at all.

Common issues include total power outage, not being able to login to online accounts as well as not be able to access the billing area. The BC Hydro website sometimes goes down, customers experiencing smart meter error codes and customer services not living up to expectations. No matter what your problem is please do report them below.

BC Hydro Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If BC Hydro is down today, then reports will be found below.

Report BC Hydro Problems? Share your issues with Down Today's community.

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Marianne Walters
2 years ago

I’m in Deroche and yes weird power is on but some lights are dim and three (high users I’m guessing) won’t come on at all plus water is running slower like the pump isn’t working at full capacity

6 years ago

I seem to be having issues with my power today, i am in Surrey, BC – anyone else?

7 years ago

Seems to be sporadic issues in Whistler municipality. West of Garibaldi HWY, this issue is under investigation.

7 years ago

I am in Abbotsford and having issues with power from BC Hydro.

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