Pokemon Go Problems

Is the Pokemon Go server down for you today? Thousands of mobile app players were blessed with the new GPS based augmented reality mobile game on July 6, which is free-to-play. But since its release it hasn’t come without a few issues, especially when it comes to server status.

This Android and iOS game where players have to battle, capture and train Pokemon is a great game, which supports in-app purchases. Since release gamers have reported a few issues with the game, with the common ones being server issues or being down completely.

Other problems include when throwing balls it freezes the players phone, when trying to login it gets stuck on loading screen, some said that they were able to use WiFi but not data to sign in. If the game is crashing or you have any other problems at all please do report below in the comments.

Pokemon Go Status insight for Thursday 4th of June 2020

If Pokemon Go is down today, then reports will be found below.

Pokemon Go Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • joe

    cannot log in for myself , grandson cannot log in or drops your connection since 6 am now it is 9:15 am St Louis Missouri

  • Josh

    I am in Columbus, Mississippi and not able to get onto my trainer club account, not letting me sign in.

  • Bruce

    I cannot login to my Pokemon Go Trainer Club account and have believe the servers are down.

  • Nathan

    I get a message saying failed to get game data from server when i try to play.

  • Nick

    I have seen a few videos of people exploring abandon places in the middle of nowhere on an Island and one person was able to play Pokemon Go there, how is this possible lol yet i have issues with the app crashing on me lol…

  • Peter

    The status says Pokemon GO is online but mine is not, is there maintenance going on.

  • Moizak

    If pokemon go down today? I havent been able to log in for the last hour

  • kgo

    slow servers

  • Katie

    I have the Samsung Galaxy S7 and not been able to play Pokemon Go for 9 days now, this problem seriously needs fixing now.

  • Lisa

    I have not been able to play since end of March, i really want to play my game. I hate Apple Updates….

  • Kieron

    I cannot load Pokemon Go, all i am getting is login failed message, is pokemon go down?

  • Ed

    Can’t log in since yesterday night, gutted.

  • #bringbackpokevision

  • Suze

    I can’t log in to the game at all keep getting error msg 🙁

  • Graham

    There must be some sort of Pokemon GO live map outage at the moment, because I cannot get it to open.

  • Larry

    I cannot get the pokemon go live map to work, whats wrong with this now?

  • Mary

    Players are having issues trying to authenticate with their login.

  • Kawennotos

    I started playing weeks ago and it was horrible. Couldn’t even log in. So I deleted the game. Then 2 days ago I decided to give it another shot. I started playing (Montreal, Canada) and everything was going great. No log in issues, catching lots of pokemon, thinking hey this is pretty fun….until about 10 last night. Now when I log in pokestops, pokegyms and pokemon are nowhere to be found.

  • Larry

    The pokemon go gps is not being found, so if this is the case I am not able to find anything. Nightmare please sort it out.

  • Tina

    At least seeing as this game is offline and down today I might be able to have a decent nights sleep lol.

  • Malcom

    Pokemon Go is always down, Pokestops are not loading, this has to be the best launch for Nintendo when it comes to stocks and shares and profits, but as for gameplay this game has to be the worst launch in history surely?

  • Nathan

    North Wales, can’t log in at all.

  • Liam

    It says I am looking in the right direction and there is nothing there, yet when I turn around a little there it is. Slight little bug wouldn’t you say?

  • Maie

    West Yorkshire and the game is down again for me.

  • Nick

    I am Newcastle and Pokemon Go is down, now I really am walking around aimlessly lol.

  • Shirley

    Tendency to freeze when Pokemon is caught. Turning off to clear results in inability to log back on.

  • Oscar

    Keeps playing the music loop when stuck on the loading screen. Is this my phone or is anyone else having the same issue?

  • PokemonNotGo

    This game keeps freezing on the home screen, just not logging in at all.

  • Larry

    I good said and done Damiel, but maybe they should have released in Australia first and then other countries rather than 2 at once.

  • Damiel

    Have these people who play games not learned anything over the years. When a new game comes out and newly released to the general public the servers go crazy for a while until the makers can make stable.

  • Kerry

    That is 2 days no I am unable to play Pokemon Go, not funny.

  • Tash

    I got this game a few days a go but it is saying to me i need to authorise, is it because the servers are having issues why it will not authorise?

  • Sienna

    The game works well on my using my tethered connection phone. But if i use on the phone only the phone freezes when i throw a ball.

  • Oslo

    I deleted the app and then reinstalled and all is well again, give it a go Maxie and see if it works for you.

  • Maxie

    I am still having Pokemon Go iPhone login issues.

  • George

    Mine will not let me sign in at all. Guess the servers are still being overloaded.

  • Nigel

    My Pokemon Go game keeps crashing on me, it was initially released in Australia and US, but those in the UK are playing a lot. If they stop playing maybe the servers could handle it. They are adding to the server problem.

Pokemon Go Reports

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