Mortal Kombat X Problems

Mortal Kombat X, XL is the latest game in this franchise on all major platforms and problems already started soon after launch with the PS4 system. While the game is on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and later released on 360 and PS3, issues can on occasion be targeted to select platforms.

The Mortal Kombat X, XL problems can be servers going down, as reported by Down Today readers below, or focused on PSN and Xbox Live services. Sooner after release, we hard about Mortal Kombat X, XL game invite issues and error CE-34878-0 when trying to start the game on PS4.

Like all games, most platforms will run into issues with server and offline glitches. If you have problems with Mortal Kombat today, or see server related outages, then share your status update below. Official updates will also be noted by the community on this page and in our dedicated news section when statements are officially made.

Mortal Kombat X Status insight for Tuesday 4th of August 2020

If Mortal Kombat X is down today, then reports will be found below.

Mortal Kombat X Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Tim Anderson

    Wont load what so ever and it keeps saying data connecton required even though im connected. Ive reset my router and its still saying that

  • Me

    It’s not letting me log in to my wb account it’s a piss take

  • velicia key

    see ” captain marvel ” online for easy and everything is done, visit here: NEWSALLLIKE.BLOGSPOT.COM

  • GenFMRommel

    Down from 05:00pm today

  • Theodore Mander

    the same thing happens to me its loading for a second then it stops is there a fix to this problem please reply thanks

  • Dread4. 0

    My android version keeps freezeing on the daily reward screen after a multilayer battle and even when I start the game up

  • Mattit Yahu

    I am

  • Mattit Yahu

    Are you still having trouble?

  • Mattit Yahu

    Seems since about the same time I got the last update now I can only connect over LAN, will not connect using my phones data stream says there’s no data connection available which isn’t true, all my other apps connect, only way I can get it to connect is if I connect over LAN , but once I’ve connected I can pause the game once s fight has started then I can leave the LAN and resume the game and it will continue to work on my phone’s data connection, as long as I don’t close the app cuz if I close it then I can’t reconnect until I can get back to a LAN. Can anyone help me figure out what is the cause of this? Or are others having this issue also?

  • Biscuitkz10

    My mobile app crashes as soon as it opens

  • nicole bortolotti

    the krypt and the online section is red idk why but cant even access it

  • Pascal Tettero

    yesterday it was working, today nothing

  • Eddie Croco

    I just got MKXL on xbox one and now i can’t access any online features only within this game

  • Lexi

    My mobile app keeps crashing as soon as it starts . I’ve deleted and re-downloaded it . Still same issue . I can’t get past the intro

  • Nick

    The moment im online on mobile and get past wb logo, it crashes. Or if i dnt connect online but then wifi connect and login with wb id then it crashes also. It shows ive lost all my progress from yesterday, wtf!!

  • Jerry

    I only have one player and 2 player option available and single fight option .Everything else is in red and doesn’t allow me to select it.

  • Darius85

    Same issue over here… only option left is to unplug the system… according to my ps this is not the correct way to do… how can i tell my ps it is not my fault…

  • Griffin McComb

    PS4 User: I can go to the online menu but it says there are no rooms… I can not make one either

  • Boheme

    I can’t play the game online xbox1 user in Turkey stalls after the opponent found message.. used to work fine having this issue for some time now! Hope you can help.

  • PoopyMicrosoftSucks

    Xbox 1 user, as if that isn’t enough problems in its own right; updated Mortal Kombat X to Mortal Kombat XL, I lost Jason and Predator, and now I cannot even utilize a fraction of the game.

  • Adam

    I’m missing the black dragon chat room when I sign in online to play on ps4. Idk what would be causing this. Any ideas?

  • Consistent Kody Kudo

    A lot of my options are red and it’s only giving me scorpion and sub-zero to use…

  • Craig Stepp

    Still isnt working

  • Bru

    My mortal kombat is not letting me go back from the specific character page and it’s being wierd seems like it’s zoomed in a bit

  • DELMAS#43


  • I am F.A.R

    Mine ‘t unlock all the characters sms modes i’m playing like 1 month

  • Fiveirondosti

    Doing it again…..connection error…..

  • Jeremy

    Since the 17 above you have the same problems I think you’ll get up reward

  • Jeremy

    Triborg will have to wait with this problems 🙁

  • J Michael Dornoff

    Agreed with those of you who are having connection issues.
    No allies. No faction wars. And no daily log in and such. I was 18th place in my faction war guild. Will I loose it? Will I still get my reward?

  • Милан Ћирић

    Connection problems also here on my device from this morning.

  • Ian Goodchild

    Yeah, add me to the 67,518 people with ‘connection’ problems. All other modes fine, just no faction wars, or allies. And they haven’t even done an update this time….

  • Brian Taylor

    No Faction Wars, no ally points, no Daily Objective updates. Basically, no real fun at all. Fix this!

  • Tess Tickles

    It’s the Russians… First they hack the they attack Kitana..

  • Fiveirondosti

    Same here…..

  • Ben Desmedt

    Same thing here, “cloud save not available”. No factions wars, no allies etc.

  • Saivikas Saraf

    is the problem still persisting ??

  • Wayne Boogie

    So its not just me. Im waiting for the next triborg challenge and this happens. Raising hell wont fix anything or expedite the process, but please hurry.

  • Randy Ouellette

    Same here.

  • bona

    Even me

  • Rakesh Nunna

    Cloud save not available and not able to open faction wars of MKX iPhone/iPad. 12 July 2017.

  • si mon

    Can’t play on online and Story mode on ps4

  • Saeed Bin Saeed

    cant play online as entering online match it starts bugging

  • José2912

    I cant play with friends online what csn i do

  • Delray

    I cant do any ladders or online or story mode. I can only do Single Matches Multi Player Matches and Krypt

  • Andel Morrison

    I can’t get to use online features sigh I can’t even click on the online word

  • Mehdi

    Hello everyone , every time I log in my account it always crashes after 3 or 5 seconds , Its been 5 days since this is happening , what should I do ?

  • Nick

    Can’t join faction wars today , but was able to fight yesterday

  • Stanislavs Galdiks

    Why i cant logis and fight?

  • daishawn edwards

    My mkx turns off when I try to look at my characters.

  • James Cutting Jr.

    I have no fraction wars for 2 days now it’s not even on my screen April 25th and 26th 2017

  • Јас и Јас

    Need help.When i start up MK XL bring up the faction war.Can’t open anything else.

  • Jayson McWhirt

    Alright here is a plan if you cannot fix this issue than give these who support Mortal kombat revenant Kung Lao & Hotshot Cage for this inconvenience. Thanks

  • Axel Kiekens

    When i try to launch the game on ps4, the game immediatly crashes. Help?

  • Ray

    After Update I went from lvl 35 back to one I lost all my characters and-such the game on mobile seems very glitch y

  • Tara

    I am playing MKX in mobile and when i click on faction war option it says ur ac is suspended. What should I do?

  • Shaylenn

    For some reason when I trying to play in an online private match, it is showing that I have to buy MKX even though I have mkxl.

  • An Lebar

    Hello! I have a problem with cryomancer sub-zero. When i try to do a hit into DBF3 it doesn’t work because sub zero doesn’t try to grab but when i do F+4, 2, DBF3 then it shows up but it only works when i do an EX version of the command grab!! PLS help me fix this problem!! 🙁

  • Mitchell Williams

    There’s connection problems with the store and I have internet connection what’s going on

  • Gonzalo

    Im have problems with the controllers, when i put a jostick (ps4 or xbox) the setup its down. I press any button and nothing works, only the faction menu. Please i need help!

  • Brookelynn Culver

    Is this ever going to work again?!!!! Still down!!!

  • Brookelynn Culver

    Still down !!!!!!!

  • Brookelynn Culver

    I’m trying to play it on moto z play android phone. Grrr… frustrated!!!!!!

  • Brookelynn Culver

    I’m really disappointed that mortal kombat is still down and won’t load. Just says loading and black screen. It’s been like this for about a week.are you fixing the problem? When will it be fixed?

  • ChAoSpool

    Nvm i solved the problem.
    Turns out a file of mk x was broken and it did not allow me to play online but still was able to play everything else, It took a bit of searching to find this out

  • ChAoSpool

    for some reason me and a friend cannot play a private match.. He bought MK XL a bit ago and i got mk x with packs 1 n 2, That should not matter tho and our internet is working great also (wired).
    The game keeps saying: Game session not found…
    I am trying to look around for this problem but so far nothing.. only no problems solved topics… and yes also in steam itself.. still waiting on an solution i can do something with..
    Pls gimme something usefull thx in advance.

  • Dianna Alice Calimlim

    I recently purchased this for my brand new XBOX one S. I bought it off the store, so there is no disc. It worked perfectly for about a week, but the last few days it just started having multiple issues. It freezes on the loading screen. If it gets past that, there is no sound on the character select, and it freezes everytime I move to select another character. If it passes that, it won’t go into a stage. The towers, faction, nothing works.
    I uninstalled and reinstalled to be sure…and it’s still doing the same….I don’t know who to contact since it isn’t a disc?

  • Wida

    Has anyone contacted support? What’s their response? I have the same problem since yesterday.

  • Favian J. Chavez

    Still down. Can’t even login to WB Play on the PC. It keeps loading and loading, until it goes back to the title screen.

  • Renok

    For me too. 🙁

  • Melkor

    It has been down for the last 24 hours for me also (faction wars, towers, etc)

  • pissed off mk10 player

    Still down, been offline since yesterday. Wtf is this.

  • Ryan Neuls

    Cant get online in the past 24 hours. Problem with the servers. No faction status, no towers.. whattttss the dealll .. ice hammer out

  • Sven Eckstein

    Been trying to play online for the last 24hrs. Game can’t fetch player stats, faction war stats nor log into wbplay. Reinstalled Mkxl and steam to no avail!!! Any Ideas!!!??? O_o

  • Jonathan Capetillo

    Is the faction wars down today?

    Also WB Play?

  • lavadius eubanks

    Today, I can’t go to the krypt, cant use alien, leather face, bo rai cho, triborg and story mode

  • Radius Frenzyy

    Yes can anyone help me fix my problem i have no internet access at my house so i know that can’t be a reason for lag but whenever i try to play mkxl on single player to practice combos or just fight to play it lags like crazy and when i do the simple f1 or some other combo it takes about 20 seconds to actually do the input so can anyone help me fix the problem thanks.

  • Adam Hunt

    October 17, 2016. Hey. I have had issues before the newest update for MKXL offline with the game being so laggy, I can’t complete a fight against the second player whatsoever. I recently downloaded the newest update and still, same laggy behavior. I want to play MKXL but due to OFFLINE lag, it is impossible. I play on XBone

  • Shawn White

    I don’t understand the mkx 1.10 update ever since I updated it last week I’m unable to pay battle mode or faction wars login is fine but what’s the use of I can’t battle the characters that bought with real money everything else on the app works. To everyone who wants 1.10 Halloween update I advise you not to upgrade. relentless Jason and dead kitana are not worth it. You will not be able to fight and play the game normally.

  • ben sp

    Hi.. Am not able to update mkx from 1.9 to version 1.10. When I open the game it asks for updates. But when I enter play store it shows only two options I.e uninstall and open. HLP me out guys

  • Dzung

    Hi all ,
    I have a problem with MKX mobile ( I use Iphone 5c) – i cannot load game if enable internet , it outs automatically after load Netherrealm logo and 2-3 seconds begin sort film (Scorpion fight Sub-Zero).I tried a lot of ways ( reboot , re-install …) .
    When I re-install MKX I can play normally on the 1st time.
    But when I out it and re-open I cannot play anymore.
    I still can play if turnoff Wifi connection and play as offline mode 🙁
    Is there anyone has the same issue?

  • Фёдор Максименков

    The problem with log in to WBPlay “Connection Error. Check your internet connection” seems to be happen every monday when end of Faction Wars takes place. So if you delete your application data and log in again to stumble upon lucky character, at least don’t do it on mondays.

  • Rick86

    I’m so freaking sick of this game! It keeps crashing every couple of games! Get it together!!!

  • Sivesh Sivz Ajodhiapershad

    Hi guys

    I’m currently experiencing an issue as I can’t seem to find faction wars as its saying temporarily down for maintenance and it’s been like this for quite a few days now. I’m playing on my Android device…
    Please assistance anybody…

  • Caizzer

    Sep 26 2016 havo internet updated xbox one s at familys n patched mk xl there. While playing at home in offline mode it has horrible stutter frame drop rates atleast 2-3 times a match for about 2-3 seconds. Any way to fix?

  • J.k

    Hi everyone, it took a while to fix the wbplay “connection error” but today 26 Sept 2016. I’m glad to let you know that for me (and hopefully for you) the problem is solved. I logged into my account and the Smoke Challenge is still available. Good luck!

  • Jony

    Same problem started it today on 26/09/2016 since morning can not login to account. internet connection error. my internet working fine.

  • Фёдор Максименков

    “Connection Error. Check your internet connection” started today (26.09.2016) when I tried to login to my WB account. Still no success. It’s 16:30 now, the Smoke is drifting away!!

  • Christopher Vermot

    Still nothing today either. Had same bull reply from customer support yesterday. Still periodically trying to log in to no avail.

  • M

    Exactly what I think !

  • Vasanth Balachandhran

    Hi everyone, I’ve been facing this issue too and the time taken to solve the problem is getting ridiculous. I’ve contacted customer support who clearly are not prepared for this. They respond by saying that they are aware of the issue and are working on it. In the meantime, we as users should check often to see if the issue is resolved and we should follow forums closely for resolutions. So basically, customer support is as good as non existent. Anyone here could have given the same answer!!! Sorry but these guys seem incompetent, hungry for cash grabbing, and absolutely unaware of how to tackle customer concerns. Net, net – we can do nothing but wait and learn…learn to be wary of anything that that involves WB studios. And if you still want to pay mk x on the mobile, then add ‘hoping’ to that list. I won’t. I’m done with this.

  • Tommy U

    so why they still using WBplay? is there any option?

  • J.k

    Same here today 26 Sept 2016. I don’t understand why it takes so long to fix it. Smoke Challenge is running out and the site from wbplay seems to have problems aswell. I already reinstalled the game a view times but nothing seems to help.

  • Fabiano Lopes

    Same here. I don’t believe!!!

  • M

    Still not fixed too. I’ve tried reinstalling it and all and I’m stuck with the account that it give us after the games tutorial, I want my veteran account back 🙁 the challenge stay 3Days and 22H ! Last time I’ve done the Sektor Triborg challenge it took me 2days to do it, (Test Your Luck will be reset 🙁 )

  • anurag more

    Same problem with me and still not fixed.challenge is running out.
    Fix it fast.

  • GetEdumated

    Can’t log in to account. Says “no internet connection” which is incorrect.

  • Mike

    Game still keeps crashing! And still can’t log into WB I’m behind upset. Fix this ASAP

  • Hany

    Sept 24 still same account log in issue mortal kombat x mobile

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