NBA 2K18 Down Today?

NBA 2K18 was released 15 September 2017 by Visual Concepts and you can only but guess the dismay when this basketball game cannot be played online due to 2K Sports servers going down.

When there is a problem with online gaming majority will search social platforms and search engines for NBA 2K18 servers down to look for answers as to why they cannot play their beloved game.

Main problems that can occur with the game include NBA 2K login issues, problems loading on Xbox, PlayStation or to online services as well as mobile apps not working. If these do happen to you please report to Down Today with your server status or any other fault that you are experiencing.

If you own any of these platforms, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows and have an issue with NBA 2K18, please do report them to Down Today.

NBA 2K18 Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If NBA 2K18 is down today, then reports will be found below.

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5 years ago

NBA 2k18 Xbox 360 server is temporarily unavailable it says. Gamer tag texasbeerdranka

Zakerius Gresham
5 years ago
Reply to  Xbox gamer tag

2k18 is shut down?

Xbox gamer tag
5 years ago

Xx704 legendxx

Zakerius Gresham
5 years ago

How do i reconnect the servers on xbox 360?

6 years ago

For the passed two days it’s been telling me that my NBA2k18 sport servers are down, what do I do?

6 years ago

every time I go on the title screen of NBA 2K 17 it says the 2K sports servers are down so most features will be unavailable please try again later and you will be restored!!… WTF is this

6 years ago

Xbox 360 2k servers down at the moment was working fine finished a my player game and couldn’t save my VC due to “servers being down” what’s the go with that the online 2k servers says it’s all up and running

Adaryl Douglas
6 years ago

Why is the server still down? Does anyone care about Ps3 anymore? I only play nba 2k17 and I’m having withdrawals, please help!

Brandon Shumaker
6 years ago

Does the online mode still work with nba 2k17 for ps3

Brandon Shumaker
6 years ago

What’s going on I have nba 2k17 for PS3 and I can’t be matched up with nobody online does anybody know what’s going on please help

7 years ago

Heyy it keeps saying my server is down i cant go to my player store

LaShawn Owens
7 years ago

When I press start it says “The 2K Sports server is temporarily unavailable. You will be connected when service restored ”

Ahmad Hakim
7 years ago

It keeps saying network connection lost

7 years ago

Does anyone know how to fix it when it says the servers are down

Deshawn Jones
7 years ago

Can’t play 2k15

7 years ago

I just want play 2k

Rash Nau
7 years ago

You know this horrible way of conning people to keep buying your latest games …..smh

Arturo Davis
7 years ago


Dre Wilcher
7 years ago

So since it’s basically a dead game anybody have skills points cheats for my career

7 years ago

What BS,took me like 2 years to get stacked myteam with out buying VC, had so many onyx and beasty players, i only buy NBA 2k every 3-4 years… LOL at all the kids who actually buy VC on these short lived games… how pathetic micro transactions have become in sports games, they didnt even give a warning shut down was coming and still selling VC up to last day

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