Vine Down Today?

If you love motion videos but not the long sort, then Vine is the best by a large margin. Users can upload or watch 6-second videos that loop over and over again until they move onto another. But Vine server issues and problems do materialize and will put a stop to viewing pleasure and use.

People who install Vine can create stunning short videos where they get free unlimited uploads, the ability to share videos onto Twitter or Facebook via Vine, as well as following other people where you can interact. Take a look at the trending posts or follow the likes of Vine sensation Nash Grier.

It is rare there are Vine problems but when they do crop up they could be down to login issues, not able to share to social media platforms, apps not working, difficulties signing up, videos not loading after making them and not able to follow other Vine users.

What is your Vine server status like, are you having problems? If the answer is yes then please share with Down Today.

Vine Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

If Vine is down today, then reports will be found below.

Report Vine Problems? Share your issues with Down Today's community.

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6 years ago

Vine to me is like old news now, not used it in like 6 months. No need to when you have Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and many other apps that are better.

farid.m Roushdy
8 years ago

I just discovered a new similar iPhone app called channel, it’s is a video sharing app works perfect and has a great potential

8 years ago

My vines are not loading, also now and then i cannot play any vines. Is this a common thing because i have only just started because friends say you got to get onto vine mate. So i did and its crap.

Griffin Kauffman
8 years ago

My vine account will not show me all of my liked vines. It shows about 10 of them when I have almost 1000. I have been very annoyed by this. I have multiple vine accounts and it is only happening on my main one. Any answers?

9 years ago

When I click on someones Vine video to play it will not start, it is just stuck.

9 years ago

Videos are playing like a dream for me, ha ha sorry to my mate though because he cannot open his app on the Galaxy S4.

9 years ago

My Vine app on the iPhone 5S will not open up. It was all good yesterday and a little sporadic today. I’m not signing out any more once I am back in.

9 years ago

Likes are not showing up on a few videos of ine that I uploaded, even though i know my Vine videos had likes on them.

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