Tumblr Down Today?

Tumblr is an awesome platform basically filled with around 230 million different blogs, it is a place where users that sign-up can share gifs, photos, videos, music, chats, text, and much more. But when Tumblr is down this has to be the worst blow when it comes to problems, and you can be sure Down Today is waiting for your comments.

You can either sign-up to Tumblr online or download the Android or iOS apps. It comes with advanced controls such as customize tweets, save drafts, queue posts and much more, plus add multiple blogs where you can manage all of them in one place. You can even view and reply to all messages sent to you.

We want to know if Tumblr is down for you, are you having any problems? If the answer is yes please do leave your status report below. Main areas of concern include Tumblr not opening, login issues, in some cases not being able to sign-up. No matter what is wrong, let Down Today be your personal problem page for Tumblr problems.

Tumblr Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If Tumblr is down today, then reports will be found below.

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7 years ago

This media could not be displayed is all I am getting. When I try to login as well sometimes it doesn’t which is frustrating.

7 years ago

What is so wrong with the Tumblr login page!! Always hard to get access to my account.

7 years ago

Tumblr is working on the PC but not on my iPhone, must be an app maintenance going on or something.

7 years ago

Is Tumblr down right now because i cannot login?

8 years ago

None of my pictures are showing in Tumblr for me, yet my friends can see them, how strange and would like an answer as to what this issue may be. Thank you in advance.

9 years ago
Reply to  Malory

If you cannot see them on your laptop then I would suggest clearing your browsers hostory, cookies, cache etc and then look again. Bet it works pal.

9 years ago

Is Tumblr playing up for anyone? My friend phoned me saying i had messages but when i looked i could not see any. My friend and myself have a joint Tumblr account as we work on the same things, he check for messages on his phone but could not reply because he was at work, so he asked me to check as its my day off. But when I look on my laptop I cannot see the messages, yet I can on my phone. STRANGE,

9 years ago

Tumblr not loading for me in Cumbernauld, Scotland.

9 years ago

I added a video to tumblr and cannot see it anywhere, so i posted again and then again like 4 times in the end. Three hours later even though it did not post i can now see it four times. Maybe I should be a little more patient.

9 years ago

When I post things to Tumblr i seem to be losing them, i get love and feedback etc but some i cannot see and some are being posted twice.

9 years ago

For some reason the Tumblr queue is not posting. This has only been an issue for the last hour or so.

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