Rainbow Six Problems

If you are wondering about your Rainbow Six server status then this is the perfect place to be, here is where you can have your say when things go wrong. Over the years there have been many releases in this series, from the Original to Rogue Spear right up to the latest one today called Siege. When this game is down it is mainly due to maintenance, but is has had many other problems.

Other problems with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege can include downloading new updates, latest tweets not showing up on the official Twitter account @Rainbow6Game, not being able to login online to play others or glitches within the game such as lag or multiplayer not opening. A few other cases have included DLC issues, synchronizing data not working etc.

Is Rainbow Six Siege down for you? If you are having any issue at all please do report them below along with what platform you are using as well as your location.

Rainbow Six Status insight for Friday 1st of July 2022

If Rainbow Six is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Rainbow Six Reports

@zletson04 @wforwumbo613 @cu3b0ne @Securex018 @ToxicTaco669 @Rainbow6Game @TimzyHD Those are mental issues that can be caused by being trans. Bitch, fucking almost every scientist is on our side. And you know what helps most with body dysmorphia and gender dysphoria? Being able to be the right gender. Being gendered correctly. Being able to have the right body

@Rainbow6Game @UbisoftBrasil Por favor, eu não aguento mais jogar contra um bando de racista com 180 de ping, da um server pra esses caras #EuNãoFaloEspanhol #faleitoleve

@NotAvnic @Rainbow6Game Imagine thinking the art department is going to fix technical issues. 2 different things chief.

@Rainbow6Game I have been having screen issues in the ingame lobby, on the top right it flashes after finishing a match and causes my ps5 to flash afterwards, this only occurs on the top right and only if i stay on the screen for long periods, this doesnt happen if i stay on the other screens

@JakobLyle8 @Quozr6 @ThisDayInSiege @TSM @TSM_Merc @TSM_Beaulo @TSM_Achieved @TSM_Pojoman @smjrvs @GotchaR6 @R6esports @Rainbow6Game @DreamHackR6 No they did not. Empire had a minor map veto advantage. Previously the winners bracket had a full map, as it should be as they went undefeated. TSM won from losers, with the winners bracket advantage heavily downgraded and empire were having serious internal issues.

@Rainbow6Game No thanks, I don't need more anger issues.

@Rainbow6Game Been having issues inviting friend today to play together. Invitation message showed expired right away and not working. I am on Playstation. Any reports about this??

@xerophora @UbisoftSupport @Rainbow6Game @UbisoftSupport pls help to resolve this issue. This is for SEA server and PC platform.

@Rainbow6Game When I open the game it doesn't connect to the server

@Rainbow6Game It doesn't let me connect to the server