Rainbow Six Problems

If you are wondering about your Rainbow Six server status then this is the perfect place to be, here is where you can have your say when things go wrong. Over the years there have been many releases in this series, from the Original to Rogue Spear right up to the latest one today called Siege. When this game is down it is mainly due to maintenance, but is has had many other problems.

Other problems with Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege can include downloading new updates, latest tweets not showing up on the official Twitter account @Rainbow6Game, not being able to login online to play others or glitches within the game such as lag or multiplayer not opening. A few other cases have included DLC issues, synchronizing data not working etc.

Is Rainbow Six Siege down for you? If you are having any issue at all please do report them below along with what platform you are using as well as your location.

Rainbow Six Status insight for Wednesday 28th of October 2020

If Rainbow Six is down today, then reports will be found below.

Rainbow Six Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

Rainbow Six Reports

@Rainbow6Game I've been having straight connection issues where mid game my screen freezes but you can still hear the game being played. This just started with the sugar fright. It does it on the event and on ranked too.

Right I want this changed NOW! if you disconnect due to your internet, the server or a dossier it’s shouldn’t be our penalty. I, In this case didn’t even get in the game it literally popped up with server fail or some crap then did this shit. I’m furious! @Rainbow6Game @Ubisoft pic.twitter.com/8GCxGVAJRq

@MarsNyxFire @etozeromen @Rainbow6Game ubisoft change from Uplay to "Ubisoft connect" which will make all of our old issues go away. fuckn jokes

@Rainbow6Game what a waste of resource. you release a useless game mode when you fix the core issue with your game. Sound, C4 bug, perspective issues (people look a different way and shots coming from shoulders). ughh plz stop wasting our time with this and fix your game

@Rainbow6Game After this new game mode and @Ubisoft club update my 2020 invitational skin has been removed as well as many other club skins and mid game I got a random abandon penalty please resolve these issues

@Rainbow6Game Can you at least make a reconnect button for the event? I don't have the best wifi so I'm always at risk from disconnecting from the server, happens to me once every 3 ranked games. Not everyone has the greatest wifi.

@Seb2_UbiDev @TheGodlyNoob @Rainbow6Game Then is there a chance we can trade some teammates? Cause people have been complaining about account pulling, cheating, skins etc and we just never get any feed back if these issues are even in the works of getting resolved. You may be a good dev it's just the others.

@TMS_Stoneaxe @Rainbow6Game @Ubisoft i feel like if the game can tell me i disconnected due to technical issues it should know i left for that reason.

I just love getting killed before I even see anything in @Rainbow6Game because the enemy has higher ping than me. Either fix the peeker issue or give us the ability to change server region

@grace_mcafee @Rainbow6Game @Ubisoft the game can't tell if you disconnected due to technical issues or not so you get penalized no matter what

@Rainbow6Game what's up with your server errors and bans dude

When your playing @Rainbow6Game where a client can lock up the entire server because there is no time out value. I have literally been stuck for 30 minutes because someone’s game has locked the server. But if I quit I get banned amazing game 10/10.