Rocket League Down Today?

Rocket League by Psyonix is a great vehicle soccer game based on physics, which was released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC with Linux and OS X set to release. Playing this game in all its glory will have you on the edge of your seat, but it will have you fall of it when there are issues such as servers going down, maintenance etc.

Are the Rocket League servers down for you today? Many issues can arise such as not being able to login and play online, problems with the Rocket League Championship series, game lag, updates not working etc.

Servers will go down when there is a scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, the problem is no one knows how long Rocket League will go down for until it’s announced at the last moment. Other issues can include the Rocket League Twitter page going down, the website not opening etc. Please do let us know what your problem is, your location along with what platform you are using.

Rocket League Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If Rocket League is down today, then reports will be found below.

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6 years ago

my rocket league can’t connect to online server. can you give me help? plzzzz!

6 years ago

I keep getting the error 42 of which i have no idea what that is. I also got banned yesterday for no apparent reason and cannot get back in. I cannot believe that psyonix is banning users for not doing anything wrong.

6 years ago

I seem to be having issues getting on us-east.

Seppe Roskams
7 years ago

Its Wednesday 1 March, and i play rocket league on steam and i can’t play online because i can’t connect to the servers plz help me, thx for helping

7 years ago

Looks like players are playing out their final matches with only 40 in the playlist.

7 years ago

I have played a few games already but then through my last one just got booted. Now I cannot match up anymore.

7 years ago

Is Rocket League down today? I am asking because I am unable to connect right now.

7 years ago

If you cannot create a party try this. Restart STEAM > Go To Library > Right Click Rocket League. Once you have done this Go To Properties > Click Local Files TAB > Click Verify Integrity of Game Cache. The RESTART again for good measure.

7 years ago

Because I cannot create a party in this game does that mean none of my friends can invite me?

7 years ago

Seems like things will go slow for servers today considering there is a Rocket League summer sale where you can get 40% off.

8 years ago

I am not playing because it will not let me, Rocket League is really annoying me now. It used to be fun but now its frustrating.

8 years ago

I am new to this game and not too happy already. I purchased for the Xbox One and already not able to play it. Not able to play RL online at all, are the servers down?

8 years ago

Mine is down in Canada, Alberta.

8 years ago

Rocket League is down for me in New York, its been offline for about 30 minutes now.

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