Screwfix Problems

Screwfix is a handy website to visit when making improvements to your home, or any little adjustments, although sometimes things don’t run as smoothly as they’d like, especially in the past as reports from customers have mentioned that the Screwfix site’s having problems and is not working when trying to do certain things, alongside other issues and errors too.

Screwfix Status insight for Wednesday 28th of October 2020

If Screwfix is down today, then reports will be found below.

Screwfix Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

Screwfix Reports

@Parcelforce are letting you down @Screwfix. Home all day, received a notification about a “delivery attempt” no buzzer, no card, no one apparent on CCTV. Very disappointing as only organised delivery to take minor effort out of it..parcel number JZ7420245

Check out a great value Jointing and Compound Filler, nice and creamy and doesn’t flash. Sands down easily too Found at @Screwfix…

@Screwfix is your payment system down,vi can't place an order

Calm down @Screwfix I only asked if you had any string lights!

@cleisterwriter @TheWatch Apparently so. I had no idea. Three proud moments today, installed a shower with only two trips to @Screwfix, installed the new rail onto a different shower to stop it sliding down constantly and learned something about Twitter. Also found I can mute Twitter conversations.

@Plymouthgas @Screwfix That’s a pisser. Are you through? You can borrow mine if you need it, makita mate much better, never let me down.

Well, that answers the question of, What are you going to do with the profit from this job? @screwfix... here I come! £230 down the pan! Single skin brick wall... piss wet through with damp! 😒

Any1 know the reasoning why @Screwfix and @BandQ @bandq_help website is down

@Screwfix thanks for letting me down on my delivery today, I needed something, but if you continue to let @parcelforce do what ever the hell they like they will continue to piss off your customers.

@Screwfix your payment system seems to be down so you’ve lost my business...

@Screwfix Hi, I can't log into your website to place an order. When logging in I get an "Error 404 - Page not found". Is the site down or is it just me?