Screwfix Problems

Screwfix is a handy website to visit when making improvements to your home, or any little adjustments, although sometimes things don’t run as smoothly as they’d like, especially in the past as reports from customers have mentioned that the Screwfix site’s having problems and is not working when trying to do certain things, alongside other issues and errors too.

Screwfix Status insight for Saturday 2nd of July 2022

If Screwfix is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Screwfix Reports

@Screwfix @ToolstationUK I understand that prices are on the rise everywhere, but £7 on a can of water-based paint?!! Daylight robbery and greed. Screwfix is going down hill.

@shutteredspy @ShappiKhorsandi @Screwfix Exactly . My screwfix dungarees can take a 2 litre bottle of iron bru each side , a pocket that I think was designed for rulers but is perfect for a curly wurly, phone in the front , wallet at the hip, bag of nuts in the other . Nice and baggy but don’t fall down