Screwfix Problems

Screwfix is a handy website to visit when making improvements to your home, or any little adjustments, although sometimes things don’t run as smoothly as they’d like, especially in the past as reports from customers have mentioned that the Screwfix site’s having problems and is not working when trying to do certain things, alongside other issues and errors too.

Screwfix Status insight for Wednesday 27th of May 2020

If Screwfix is down today, then reports will be found below.

Screwfix Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Simon

    I have been on and off the website all morning. Seems to be down more than up, nope its up again, nope its down.

Screwfix Reports

@lowcarbonhomes @betateach @heatpolicyrich @HeatingConsult @CarbonCoop @greenregister @SEA_Social @BeyondtheStove @HighlandLtd @_heatgeek @kenbone44 There should be no payments scheme. If the likes of @Screwfix started selling inverters, solar pv panels and li-ion battery packs the price would soon come down without the need for any @GOVUK help cant see the reason remewable tech cost so much.

@Screwfix Normal circumstances, I check stock, says 2 in, I go down, items not there. Would I pay for them and come back in 2 days, when I need them same day ? Would I pay, and let you keep my cash for 7-10 days ? Would I hell, and neither would you. Your customer service is appalling

@Screwfix Get it sorted today, non of the "we may have to wait"crap. It is not my issue that your system has now let me down THREE TIMES on same order.

@Screwfix hi, how do I cancel an online order when your phone service is down please? Need to do it ASAP. Thanks

@Screwfix is your website down . Been trying to pay for a item for. A hour and every time says name on card wrong format and won’t let me pay

Ordered my click and collect 11am yesterday from @ToolstationUK . Notified at 5pm after shop closed that my order was ready.... now 30 mins down in the queue and hardly moving. How can that be when everything pre-ordered and paid for? @Screwfix opposite moving at speed !!

@Screwfix Can you put on your website that you can't go down to the store and just pay for something. You need to do click and collect. Not clear from website.

@FreejackFan @Screwfix @GaryGibbonBlog Tomorrow I will follow a son’s instinct and drive 360 miles to see my mum, my 5 brothers, children’s former nanny, my best mate and former school mates! F**k @BorisJohnson and his phoney lock down.

@Screwfix any idea when your stores are re opening on the inside??? Got a bit of an emergency situation now..... I’m down to my last pencil!!! 😊😉

@ConstableChaos @Screwfix It is the "almost matching" that gets you and impossible to just pop down for the bits you needs with lockdown

@Screwfix hi, are your emails being monitored? I’ve emailed regarding an order and had no response. Not great seeing as your phone number is down too?

@Screwfix And your manager Alice so she says. Shouldn’t be anywhere near management. Couldn’t of cared less. There were 5 more people in the line would of took 5 minutes. Another guy behind me working for vulnerable people at this time has to let these people down.