Telegram Messenger Problems

With millions of users currently using, and also relying on, the Telegram Messenger App you can imagine that there’s going to be hiccups every now and again, especially as it’s known globally. So therefore, for those of you who are finding that something isn’t quite right, whether you’re having issues when trying to communicate with friends and family, the servers suddenly down or for some reason there’s unscheduled maintenance, then you’ve definitely come to the right place!

Telegram Messenger Status insight for Friday 14th of August 2020

If Telegram Messenger is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Telegram Messenger Reports

@CoinCornerJo There are also some great @telegram groups as well. Loads of interesting/hilarious discussions going on, I can't keep up with them all. Great way to meet people and get help with technical issues as well.

Only if @telegram can verify people with plenty number of subscribers and allow just one verified will really solve a lot of issues..…

@telegram You know volunteer Support does not seem to exist anymore and it seems impossible to contact anyone for issues or admin help

Restricted on instagram Now I'm restricted on twitter I can't even chat on telegram cuz I was restricted What is all this bayi😪 Early morning issues @TwitterSupport @TwitterAPI @Twitter @instagram @InstagramComms @telegram @smstelegram Please fix this

@telegram @RaksinSergal I'm having the same issue and it seems like AT&T mobility and AT&T lightspeed are affected. No issues when using Level 3.

@MelissaDogbe @Twitter Seriously dear, I hate updates when i ddnt got any security issues improvements for my apps, from all environments. For this, @Telegram still a best one: they don't forces anybody to get latest versions if you don't need improve your experience with new features

@cclarky85 @bograma @telegram @WhatsApp No issues really. Fam use Telegram, mates Facebook messenger after I told them I wasn't on WhatsApp any more.

Yo @discord! On (at least Windows 10 Pro, x64 2004, Build 19041.388) dual monitor systems, there's a 1-pixel overflow to the left and right of a full-screened Window due tocustom theme. Would be great to get a "System window frame" option like @telegram…

@telegram Hello, Im having connection issues, and it seems other folks are as well. Is there a place i can monitor the telegram server status?

Join our PI #community in @telegram to discuss #privacy related topics, ask questions and be in touch with a close knit group of like-minded people. 🔗…

Agreed! @telegram please provide an option to disable this, server side. I don't care about who joined Telegram and every time such a "X contact joined Telegram" chat is created, it randomly pushes down the actual chats I care about. Please fix……