Tango app Problems

Tango is an app where users are able to get free calls, texts and videos that’s free to download for Android, iOS, Kindle and also Windows PC. However with that being said, with many people using this types of service on a daily basis, you can imagine the amount of traffic is creates, which sometimes causes problems due to the app not working, receiving or sending any messages or are having trouble trying to download it.

Tango app Status insight for Thursday 2nd of July 2020

If Tango app is down today, then reports will be found below.

Tango app Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Maushmi Udeshi

    My Text Chat History in d Inbox is not showing & it gets deleted each day.. I am not even getting notifications of new messages since last 2 weeks.

  • Steph

    Trying to call my sister and it isn’t working, which is really annoying in these current times!

  • Mo Salah

    I cannot find my account and my coins

  • Mo Salah

    I cannot find my account and my cousin

  • Rish

    Tango private live not show for my iOS device

  • Anncot Joan

    I try to call my friend but just show on the screen dialling… and if try to call me no calls coming in just missed calls

  • Sydney

    I can’t open 1 of my friends chat on my IOS, it freezes mid convo or I can’t even open the chat at all. Pls someone tell me how to fix it I tried deleting the app and getting it again but that didn’t work either

  • Jimmy

    Does anyone Tango chat get frozen mid conversation? Would love to know if it’s just me or it’s happening to other users as well!!!…

  • Olga

    I always seem to get a message saying there was a problem when trying to login. 5 months and counting and still having sporadic issues.

  • Vic

    Not able to download the Tango app as well as it’s not in the app store on the phone.

  • An

    tango does’t work for 2 weeks. I m not able to see other pepole posts or pictures at all. Please help me thank you

  • Sk

    Tango doesn’t showing any picture … why?

  • Sameer Rajakumar

    After ios10 update app doesn’t open

  • Naomie Dupree

    tango doesnt even open since i downloaded iOS10

  • ADiva Wright

    App isn’t working.. Can’t post..comment or video chat

  • MissD

    Did you figure out how to get Tango to work on ios 10?

  • shelli

    Did you ever get it to work after the iOS 10 update? I am having the same trouble with mine.

  • Farhan

    After update to iOS 10 developer beta. Tango is stopped working

  • Shiva

    My tango does’t work for 2 weeks. I m not able to see other pepole posts or pictures at all. Please help me thank you

  • Rosealine

    I am not able to open my Tango app, it worked on my old iPhone i dug out just to check this, but it doesn’t work on my Android HTC One.

  • Yannis

    Not able to see my pictures on Tango, I am using on my Android HTC phone and cannot understand why this is occurring, can anyone help please?

  • Jill

    Where will this app support more platforms?

  • Blanche

    For me the Tango app is all over the place, not really straightforward, they should make things more navigation-friendly.

  • Sammii

    It is official that Tango have no plans to support Windows Phone 8 devices.

  • Conan

    About time Windows Phone 8 supported the Tango app.

  • Ismet

    Tango on Android wants a lot of information, too many permissions if you ask me especially when it comes to sensitive info.

  • Sindy

    I am having problems liking or commenting on my iPhone.

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