WeChat Down Today?

The WeChat App is available in many languages for different platforms for mainly iOS, Android and Windows users and with millions of users voice and text messaging around the globe, you can imagine that the app can sometimes have problems, leaving many people feeling rather frustrated. In the past there’s been many reports of issues, which have occurred such as the application not downloading properly, login problems or one of the worst things to happen, the server being down all of a sudden.

WeChat Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If WeChat is down today, then reports will be found below.

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4 years ago

Is there a way to gain access to your account if you’re unable to get into it, as been trying for a few days now and still no success…

Tamzin Atkins
6 years ago

Hi I can’t seem to get anyone wanting to talk to me or accept my invites and without being vein used to getting sometimes ten to thirty a day and had this a month now and not one person

El Lis
6 years ago

Me too

Lori Busch
7 years ago

My voice recorder shuts off in the middle after 9-10 seconds and yet my friends can chat for 60 seconds. How do I fix this?

Nad Rusty
7 years ago
Reply to  Fariezzul

same thing here

7 years ago

i am unable to do voice and videocall with my boyfriend who is currently based in saudi arabia

7 years ago

When I shake my mobile…its says no match found try again since 2 days

7 years ago

Why people cant find me using people nearby.. Always happen

Lennart Baggins
8 years ago

most of my stickers are not loading – the slots are shown empty

sunil kumar sonu
8 years ago

Give me response quickly please

sunil kumar sonu
8 years ago

Why has wechat been not working for 2 days

8 years ago

WeChar should be more like CantChat seeing as my app will not open, as soon as i click on the apps icon on my tablet it just automatically crashes.

9 years ago

Is anyone having issues with the WeChat stickers gallery?

9 years ago

I am unable to login to WeChat using my password, is there any way I can retrieve my account?

9 years ago

I used to be able to login, but since the update yesterday i cannot now. Hopefully just a small glitch.

9 years ago

Not able to use the WeChat look around to locate people around me, my wifi is very strong indeed as so is my phone signal.

9 years ago

I am unable to run the apps after the recent WeChat v6.1 update.

9 years ago

I have really strong signal on my phone but still cannot access people nearby.

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