Boom Beach Problems

A network connection is required to play Boom Beach and when the servers go down, or a connection is lost gamers will take to the internet to find out the the issue and what’s going on so therefore, with that being said, you’re in the right place! This epic combat strategy game can be played on Android and iOS platforms, although those who are wanting to try this out, sometimes have trouble trying to download it from either the Google Play Store or the App Store.

Boom Beach Status insight for Wednesday 5th of August 2020

If Boom Beach is down today, then reports will be found below.

Boom Beach Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Darshan Bhojwani

    war factory and task force not working

  • Pat Stanton

    Will not finish downloading after my last update.

  • SinnacalGamer

    I tried doing what people here said because of my connection issues but now i cant even get the logo to pop up anyone know how i can fix this?

  • Robin P.

    Fails to connect constantly since last update. Log on screen stalls then just hangs.
    Probably connects approx’ once in ten attempts.

  • David lapointe

    Boom Beach 39.73 (arm-v7a)
    google updated apk and download

  • David lapointe

    Boom Beach 39.73 (arm-v7a)
    google and download the new apk

  • David lapointe

    Boom Beach 39.73 (arm-v7a)
    search and download the new apk

  • David lapointe

    Boom Beach 39.73 (arm-v7a)
    search and download it. its the new apk

  • David lapointe

    search and download the following updated apk
    Boom Beach 39.73 (arm-v7a)

  • David lapointe

    Found a fix

  • David lapointe

    search and download this apk. it worked for me just now
    Boom Beach 39.73 (arm-v7a)

  • David lapointe

    search and download this apk.
    Boom Beach 39.73 (arm-v7a)

  • David lapointe

    what platform are you using

  • David lapointe

    Ive tried it on my android and iphone. same damn results no, the platform doesnt matter at all. i dont even know how to reach out to them. this is stupid

  • Chris Wilson

    any news yet? tried it with Nox as well as bluestacks..and same result – not installed successfully. surely they are not blocking these options? i still pay each month, so whether on phone, tablet or pc, what does it matter?

  • Chris

    Yes it is thanks for input

  • David lapointe

    no not yet. ive been looking all day for solutions and others who have the same problem and reached out to supercell. this is fustrating.

  • Chris

    Same here any ideas on fix yet

  • David lapointe

    same here

    ive tried it on pc(bluestacks), android and iphone.

  • Sven Lindberg

    Same problem, the not installed properly message just come all the time

  • Chris Wilson

    same here… 21.15 bst – cant get in on android tablet or on pc via bluestacks

  • Chopper

    Same issue here. Says not installed properly. Reinstall does not fix it. Just loops the same message

  • Chris Shadowfinder Patterson

    Installed update today now its saying not installed properly reinstall which i did and showing the same message every time

  • James Lawler

    What’s going on no boombeach for days now

  • Buzzaldrin

    Bb on ios devices not working here in the philippines

  • Matthew

    Why does it say it will take 414 days to train my heavies and zookas. please help i cant attack at all!!! dont release a game if their are this many bugs supercell!!!

  • G. Stamp

    It’s telling me to update but when I try there is no update available. So I can’t play the game because the up date icon will not move

  • Christopher

    I have internet but boom beach doesn’t work!!!

  • Gaz

    This just worked for me

  • Niloy Khan

    Game just doesnt load.It starts at 1â„… than after 15 minutes… NOTHING!!!

  • Susan Aponte Crespino

    Mine keeps returning to the update message as well. Has anyone gotten past this

  • Malc

    Got a update message…..but when pressed won’t load and just keeps returning to update message

  • Bob

    Is it working for you now?

  • Mark Robertshaw

    Just stopped working today. Just get black screen and doesn’t even load anything

  • Grommit Jackson

    Boom Beach Udate Problem! Try this, go to App Store click on updates and drag screen down to refresh and the updates should then appear and start updating. Hope this helps, it did for me

  • Fotomark

    The usual update/open loop issue when the morons make this game ‘better’ !!!!
    If you can’t do it properly, just leave it alone !!!

  • Joe

    What the hell is going on???? Everytime there’s a new update this happens for a while? Can someone please help

  • Joe

    Tried downloading latest update. When I click on it, I’m brought to a place where it says open. I hit open button but instead of it downloading new version, it kicks me off and returns me to original place saying there’s a new version again to update!!!!
    Very Very frustrating

  • aditi mukerji

    When i open the app, it says there is an update. Clicking that link takes me to App Store which only has open button and no update button. Can’t open the game without updating it. Any ideas?

  • Mohamed Ayman

    there’s something wrong when i trying to use the app it doesn’t connect to the server showing me download content and its rest itself

  • ahmed talaat

    Download content problem boom Beach doesn’t work now for 2 days any solution????

  • Ahmed Nagy

    Boom beach not working. And i tried everything even deleted the app and reinstall it . Nothing work . Shows me dowenload content.

  • Koda Cooo

    One household. Update iphone no problem. Update Samsung phone no problem. Update android tablet nothing but problems, multi attempts to load game and then quickly crashes. My fix, G play store, Boom Beach app, 67MB download update available, install update, open app. 2 days of everything working fine.

  • Bridgette Pettiford

    Since update haven’t been able to play keeps crashing

  • Andy K

    Since update game ia now useless. Frustrating

  • Mario D Galindo

    anybody know if this issues going to be fix ??

  • Mario D Galindo

    updated Crushes midway during any attacks and also all troops disappear with my gold

  • Morgan

    New update Crushes midway through attacks when you upload boom beach again all troops disappear pain in the arse sort it out and refund me my gold boom beach yeah

  • Dave Hope

    Upgraded now nothing but crashes

  • Chris Mitrovich

    I can’t update the new version I have been trying all day

  • Matthew Roberts

    I updated the game this morning. Now, repeated crashes and/or not loading since then. I have android. And, I’ve never had crash problems before this update.

  • John Ogden

    I can not get it to update on my iPhone!

  • Chris Mitrovich

    It won’t load

  • Chris Mitrovich

    Can’t load update wtf

  • Victor

    Blooming typical, as soon as I start a mission after not playing for like 10 days it crashes on me and all the tanks are gone.

  • Roger Long

    Update? It did work before the update, now nothing! Will not open, load, cannot run from App Store open. Nada, nothing, nicht, zilch! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  • David Wilson

    Have tried all usual ways to open up date on my I pad nothing working why can’t they update without screwing it up?

  • Joe Howard

    The new update says it’s not compatible with this device, tried to uninstall it then reinstall it back…now I can’t even find the game to install in the Google play store….what the heck is going on

  • Jim Wilson

    Google play error says my android phone won’t work with this new boom beach update?

  • Sean Skipper Nelson

    Im having troubles downloading the new update it freezes on the first screen please help

  • vinnie lalumia

    Awesome bro. Thank you. That worked. How weird! They weren’t showing any pending updates until I tried your recommendation. I tried to scroll up and nothing happened and it wanted to snap back down,but I held it and suddenly that loading symbol showed up and seconds later it showed all my pending updates. How annoying. Before the update their was a whole section dedicated to pending updates. Now not only is there no pending section,but they’re also lying by saying they’ve already updated everything and just hiding it instead. I’m so glad I didn’t miss my op. I’m 361-0!! That means I have no life but it also means I’d be pissed if I missed due to their nonsense. I’m sure i5s an apple problem though because their last update sucked even more than all their other updates

  • H Khan Pakistan


    Steps to follow on Iphone 7 plus

    1. Go to apple store update section

    2. Pull the screen down for a few seconds.

    3. Apps ready for update will appear including boombeach update.

    4. Final step: Click on update :))

  • Mike Fenn

    App loaded in the morning 10 a.m. Pacific Standard Time would not load when I get home from work 5:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. App starts to load shuts down immediately

  • Michael D Dailey

    Won’t load today. August 21 2017

  • Dennis Karczewski

    Boom Beach is down. Will only load opening screen then freezes up

  • Tracy

    Since the latest update I have issues opening my app. The game comes on but i have a blank black screen, this happened after the last Android update.

  • Stuart

    Boom Beach is running very slow, if and when it will load at all.

  • Hans

    On ios(latest version) delete app, reinstall and it works

  • momo

    Since the update I got a problem on my iphone 4S: i have some trouble with the world map, i have to click several times on a item to get action. Moving and zoming features work perfectly, but selectionning works randomly, am i the only one?

  • P

    Go to updates and it will work

  • Pp

    Same here

  • Jeff Broyhill

    Receiving notification when loading the game that an update is waiting. The only option is to go to the App Store for the update. There is no update available. The only option from the App Store is to open the App, which places you into infinite loop. I cannot update and I cannot launch Boom Beach.

  • Eero Mäkinen

    No loading in Finland for a week #%*&

  • Nicole

    I’ve been trying to update boom beach for over two weeks on my iPad. It still says waiting. I can’t delete it or load it or open it. I’ve hard reset iPad, deleted ram, turned iPad off for a few days, disconnected from wifi and nothing is working. It’s really annoying.

  • Dave

    It’s just let me update from update on App Store and it’s gone back to start.
    Level 48 to level 1 in zero second
    Don’t update
    Will tell everyone it’s a waste of time

  • Dave Druten

    Same repeating update loop – all day! No solution??

  • Thaddeus

    Still useless. This has happened before. The Finn’s are trying but where’s Nokia when you need them?

  • Chris Brown

    Mine keeps sending me to the App Store for the update that never loafs

  • Thaddeus

    No BB this am as of 0724 PST. Endless loop of update/back to app store

  • Maria Mikaelian

    Hi everyone! I go to App Store to update Boom Beach, but the only option is “open”. I press it, the game opens, I get “please, update” message, go to App Store… and so one. Any ideas? What to do? Thanks a lot!

  • Paul

    Go to your App Store app and press updates. Then update Boom Beach from there and it should work.

  • Keith

    The game like Roberts doing same thing too. No option to update ? Don’t have a solution sorry.

  • Tim


  • Wright Robert

    The game tell me I need to install the update but when I go to the AppStore there is no option to update only to open the app. When I do this I go round in a circle again. Any ideas? Using an iPhone 6

  • Chris

    U Only gain lvl from uppdating buildings and troops.not battles

  • Jason

    My boombeach won’t allow me to update it just keeps saying waiting. The wierd thing is all my other apps have updated. Any ideas???????

  • Maarten

    Got this problem also now- what was your solution?

  • John

    Not loading today

  • Lee

    I went to update boom beach as per normal, but this time it doesn’t work.

    It won’t let me remove the icon so i can re-download it. And the icon just says installing but nothing happens, I go into the app store press update but nothing happens. This happened yesterday and it still wont do anything, i cant delete it and i cant update it, so what can i do?

    Anyone else have update issues?

  • Michael

    Boom Beach Update incoming according to the official Twitter account for the game. New troop storage would be great hey.

  • Loli DD

    my game in both devices not loading 🙁

  • Randy

    upgrade buildings on your beach, then your level increases

  • Amanda Jane Andersen

    I can’t even download the new update on my Samsung Galaxy S5 I’ve been trying now for about 4 days

  • discipline

    Boom beach not loading after update. Motorola 3 gen

  • coco

    Same problem with samsung galaxy s5, not loading after update :/

  • JR

    Boom beach works on my iPhone but fails to load on my iPad
    after update!

  • αρχηγος

    Not suitable device says from today.with this f….. Update you did..i am a player 3 months device is android..FIX IT. :'(


    Wtf it stops at like 90% of the loading bar.

  • chris

    Boom beach not loading after update. Galaxy s5

  • Lee472

    Exact same problem, same device too

  • william wilson

    I have problems loading game screen frozen have even done a factory reset but to no avail have to take battery out to reset (samsung s5 mini)

  • Me

    I can’t login with one of my google accounts. I already tried deleting cache memory, reinstalling te app…. nothing works

  • Goliath

    Been stuck on the Supercell screen for two days now. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling, stopping processes, checking for updates, everything. I don’t know what to do. If I don’t get on soon, I’ll get kicked from my task force. 🙁

  • Cheryl

    Trying today to load Boom Beach, but it comes up on my phone an Update is now available. When I click on the UPDATE button it takes me to the app home page and tells me my device is not compatible. OK, so then I go back to boom beach to play and it tells me there’s an UPDATE available… OK, now I can’t play the game that I’ve been playing for more than a year… so what’s up?? Plus my table isn’t loading either… both on the Android system. I think Jelly Bean..

  • faiyaz patni

    not loading 15 dec any solution

  • Milo

    Not loading since 12:30 am GMT 27.NOV.15

  • Craig Hastie

    Down right now for me, says its for maintenance.

  • Tikaroa Fred

    I ment phone …reseted my phone

  • Tikaroa Fred

    Since last update my boombeach just won’t load and that was 3 days ago it was fine when I updated it for one day then I tried opening it next won’t even load anymore …I even factory resety fine too see if my fine was da cause

    Help please anyone

  • John

    I can’t download the update, it says insufficient space on device even though I have plenty of GB of space and the game is only about 80MB

  • Matt

    I haven’t been able to update or re-download the app for hours. WTF?

  • Danny

    I cannot get Boom Beach to work, it is down for me. Has the official new update gone live yet?

  • Mark

    Boom Beach is down right now for an incoming update, the new update is called Kingdom of the Crystal Seashell.

  • Carrie

    I have finally deleted the app and decided it crashes to much to keep playing, so i have moved back to clash of clans. I do miss boom beach though.

  • barlow

    Waited half an hour whilstmaintenance was down to 10minutes, now its at 45mind! Just boosted my statues with powder also! Joke!

  • Mike

    unable to connect with the server in boom beach.

  • Linda

    When I did the last update i have been having problems since. Main issue is the app crashing on me all the time when i open the application on my phone.

  • Jamie

    I try to open my Boom Beach and not getting to play, it starts to load and then sticks at that loading screen and nothing more.

  • haikal boy

    What’s happened? Suddenly stuck on loading???

  • Nadia

    It is all ok now, but last night i got and error message saying ‘lost connection with server’.

  • Jenna

    Boom Beach is not loading for me, please help me sort the problem out.

  • Emi

    Clash of Clans is much better anyway, I deleted Boom Beach because it stop loading a lot of times.

  • Lucy

    Clash of Clans is working fine, but Boom Beach is stuck on the start screen and doing nothing else.

  • Spencer

    Is the Boom Beach server down or something, because my game is not loading.

  • Klayton

    It loads but then stops working and my progress just comes to a halt. What is going on with the app?

  • Bray

    it has been around 12 hours now and I still cannot load Boom Beach.

  • Jean

    I tried downloading Boom Beach onto my iPad and it just keeps hanging, basically it is not installing onto my tablet.

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