Clash of Clans Problems

Clash of Clans is a mobile app game on popular platform like Android and iOS, although with them being backed by servers when playing in multiplayer against other games, the game can have a few problems, especially as it could possibly crash and go down due to unexpected demands thanks to higher than normal traffic. Although other issues can happen such as bugs, the app not working and opening, keeps crashing or doesn’t want to seem to load.

Clash of Clans Status insight for Friday 18th of June 2021

If Clash of Clans is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Clash of Clans Reports

@ClashofClans Rare stuff happening in my base after optional update. Pekka started following butterfly 🦋🦋😂.New concept even troops have pets😂😂.

@RealJoseph123 @ClashofClans Bro, there's no update for the BB this year, Darian said it.

@kasekesy @sonu197281 @ButterHoneyMilk @ClashofClans Seriously, every update people beg for Global, and EVERY SINGLE TIME they have said No it's not coming back. EVER. But why don't these people ever understand that it's worthless to ask for it

@Alejand76858682 @MartinAaron18 @ClashofClans Ya that's a glitch, download the optional update it will solve it

@Darshan02189957 @ClashofClans If you have issues like that following an update like this, there’s a good chance it’s a bug that’ll soon get fixed

@ClashofClans Hello there Since my account is not registered, the game has been reset due to the update, how can I recover this account, is there a place to submit a ticket or reach me?

Tf why clash of clans and brawl stars not working, i dying over here pls fix @supercell @BrawlStars @ClashofClans

Dear @ClashofClans I am having trouble with the new update, the are many bugs and glitches eg, I am unable to use my blimp when ready to attack and the star lab has some glitches. I humbly ask for a maintenance break tmr to fix this problem thank you.

@TopStore12 can you guys fix clash of clans it’s not working any more