Clash of Clans Problems

Clash of Clans is a mobile app game on popular platform like Android and iOS, although with them being backed by servers when playing in multiplayer against other games, the game can have a few problems, especially as it could possibly crash and go down due to unexpected demands thanks to higher than normal traffic. Although other issues can happen such as bugs, the app not working and opening, keeps crashing or doesn’t want to seem to load.

Clash of Clans Status insight for Thursday 6th of August 2020

If Clash of Clans is down today, then reports will be found below.

Clash of Clans Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Stefanie Wells

    Used the recent update and now coc will not open at all. Anyone else with this problem

  • Dan

    Anyone else looking forward to the new village update in CoC?

  • Vongola Decimo

    Update not working

  • King Dellany

    my coc is also doing the same. .. loses connection abruptly….is it only me?

  • Ethan

    My coc has a connection issue although my WiFi is good

  • diosah

    me too

  • Ari

    anybody figure out how to update the game or at least be able to get into the game?

  • Ari

    Aight, so did any body figure out how to get back into the game of at least update the app?

  • Ari

    I have no idea so far, I sent an email to Supercell tho? And this kinda sucks since I’m in war rn

  • Kian

    I still can’t update the game. Update not showing in Amazon Appstore. Anyone got suggestions?

  • Kian

    Anyone know w why this is yet! Happening on my kindle fire hd8

  • Sandeep Tiwari

    Yuppie – one more small update by supercell of 8.08 MB plus an update to your google play games and bluestacks is again operational, now. All d best and happy playing clash of clans again on bluestacks, this update arrived 25 minutes back

  • zingjangfu

    hmm…tried memuplay and it runs perfect

  • Al

    Same here
    I’m having the same issue

  • Jaiveer

    same issue in memuplayer as seems all emulators are having same issues…

  • Alex

    me too

  • zingjangfu

    Me too <<

  • Anon Amys

    Been playing the game on Bluestacks for a long time now. Ever since today’s update (June 18, 2019) the game just closes immediately after I click the icon. It doesn’t even play the logo tone.

  • Alex

    after the update coc will not start on blustacks4?

  • Ari

    The same thing is happening to me, and because of this, I can’t even go into the game

  • Lisa

    I can’t download the June 2019 update on my kindle fire. Can someone help?

  • Tonestar

    I get notified that I need to update game but it won’t let me

  • Toby

    Argggghhhh maintenance break happen with CoC and then my clock tower boot messes up.

  • Jason

    The maintenance break has been ongoing for like an hour now. Anyone know how much longer?

  • Billu

    Same here

  • Kim

    Coc wont load only black screen help

  • BEDLAM63

    Is Clash of Clans over? In Vancouver, haven’t been able to log on all day.
    8.15 pm here.

  • Cara

    Maintenance is complete they say, but not getting online am I yet!!!! Still not letting me log in.

  • Byron

    OK so the Clash of Clans had a maintenance break earlier today, they say it was to do with server upkeep and a Tornado Trap duration change, but what I was waiting for was a season GOLD pass because I want the queen skin.

  • Adrian

    I have same problem

  • Jimmy

    Today maintenance break lasted for around 25 minutes and I am not going to CLASH ON like they put it because I am floating in the clouds somewhere not being able to open my game. Why we are on the CoC subject, please please make the gold pass available via gems.

  • zednetweek™

    I’m dealing with the same problem as you.

  • Zain

    Im having the problem of coc stopped working every time i open the game. This is happening When i update the game to new version April 2019. I have tried everything restarting,clear data and chache,uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing is working plz reply with good suggestion….

  • Gary

    I am having problems playing multiplayer since the maintenance break that happened today. I thought there would be some amazing fix for multiplayer issues but yet its for upkeep of the servers.

  • NoMercy

    ISSUE AFTER NEW UPDATE IN JANUARY, 2019 – COC is giving me problems now with both my tablet and APP. “DOWNLOADING CONTENT” is freezing and the APP won’t open. I have a brand new LG and a Samsung Galaxy Tab A….every other App works fine. WTF Supercell – A bunch of a-holes!!!!

  • Sam

    I a have the same issue as Harry. Open COC. It tells me to update then taken to App Store where it only says open. When I open it, it reopens COC and tells me to update just one big loop. Running iOS.10.3.3

  • Grant Kins

    The same thing has been happening to me all day. Have u found a solution?

  • Trinity Gam3r

    I basically can’t install the update on my phone. I download it just fine but once it’s complete it says installing for a second then jumps back to the Google store clash page with the option to update still there. I tried uninstalling it but now I can’t even download it … same scenario as above. I tried clearing the Google Store’s data and restart with no success.
    My phone is a Samsung
    Model #SM-G386W
    Android version 4.4.2

  • Harry

    Game tells me that they have an update avable but when im trying to update it in app store it just says “open”


  • Michael Prisco

    Im currently in a clan war, with not much time left and now this? Really?

  • Michael Prisco

    Cannot open the app, it say “clash royal has stopped” while opening then returns to home screen

  • Susie

    Same as this how do u solve this

  • Susie

    I’m trying to load clash of the clans and it says login failed .. I uninstalled it and installed it again . Same issues .. need to fix this problem as I’m in the clash games

  • Dexter

    My clash is stuck at loading screen it goes half way then does not respond I need help

  • Dex Morgan

    Coc crashes on both android and apple devices when playing clan games. As soon as you tap clan games, the program collapses.

  • Azalea


  • Azalea

    I’ve been trying to lay clash all morning and it won’t load, it’s stuck at the “Downloading content” page

  • Gioia Bonilla

    Cannot open on two iPhone 6s’s, one 7, and an iPad! Very annoying! Just get a black screen that never loads.

  • Nelson

    Need help… pls

  • Nelson

    I cant open my coc anymore after update… what will i do…

  • tibor warski

    Man…I think this update did more than screw up CoC. I can’t get data at all now. 🙁

  • sahaj

    from 3 days it is showing login failed .my internet speed is very good .

  • Ram bachan

    Guys here is a solution for this.
    1) first go to settings-app manager-coc. Clear cache and data and uninstall from there only.
    2) Get the app from your friends in which coc is running well through xender or SHAREit.
    See i had tried this one works

  • Satwkik

    The game was stoping when I was updated the app from 5days it is only coming sup erc cll

  • Josh Wright

    I have this weird feeling. I am going to have to change service providers.

  • Josh Wright

    No same here, I am being blocked from the website. I believe it might be clashs servers, or provider problem because most people are having problem with lg product including me. Still no answers though, I have been searching the net for anything to help me, most of it is false advertising. Goodluck, I am super frustrated, was in war and now Im probably not even in clan.

  • Luca

    Guys you have to fix this. It’s 2 days now that the app opens, and stops at the end of the first loading. This from the last update of course. 2 days are too much you have to fix this

  • Antriksh

    After June 2018 update I am not able to open coc…it says app stop working…close app or send feedback

  • Pinkcupcake


  • Pinkcupcake

    It’s annoying do i just have to wait for it to fix it’s self?

  • Jakir

    Years same my problem….

  • Jakir


  • MP

    Mine does the same thing! Don’t want to delete it and lose everything….not sure what to do.

  • Street Fighter

    I’m from “The Netherlands” and since the beginning of “may 2018” there was a new/updated privacy law in The Netherlands. Because of this, everyone in The Netherlands had to re-accept all privacies on everything. (Including subscriptions, facebook, email etc. You get the point) Maybe after the “Big Th12 Update”, the new privacy law started causing trouble for everyone?! This is just what I think, I don’t know how to solve this.
    Please spread the word about this huge problem so that “SuperCell” might hear us and fix it ASAP! Tnx in advance! 🙂

  • Street Fighter

    I’m from “The Netherlands” and since the beginning of “may 2018” there was a new/updated privacy law. Maybe after the “Big Th12 Update”, the new privacy law started causing trouble for everyone?! This is just what I think, I don’t know how to solve this.
    Please spread the word about this huge problem so that “SuperCell” might hear us and fix it ASAP! Tnx in advance! 🙂

  • ara bagheri

    from yesterday and after updating the game i can’t access to the game and even updated to ver. 10.322.7 but no change.
    i tried below items:
    change internet connection, (several wifi & mobile data)
    remove game cash and data
    uninstall the game & re- install it

    message: unable to connect with the server. check your internet connection…”

    i am sure that the internet connetion has not any issue.



  • neeraj keena

    Not open… Anyone help pls

  • els *

    Mine still isn’t working on my LG ANDROID phone.. works on my brother’s Samsung tablet and phone…. It says network error everytime I open it and then glitches out my phone so the WiFi doesn’t work on anything…. I had to delete the game and restart my phone… Any updates for when this is going to be fixed?

  • Paul Gibson

    Any news of fix for android S7 yet…no access to coc since upgrade…get as far as intro screen then shuts down..not happy

  • Kalai

    I having the same problem

  • Brett

    Mine wasn’t working. Not sure if something has been fixed, but I turned off WiFi and tried running clash a couple of times, then turned WiFi back on and tried again. Joy.

  • Shubham Dagar

    i am getting the error ‘unfortunately clash of clans has stopped working’ after i updated to the latest th12 update. So please fix that issue.

  • Cess

    After updating my coc its say always connection error or it just keep loading and gone !pls fix it

  • Xeno TheNekoKitty

    If it wasn’t for the time I put in the game I would just delete it and fine something new but made some good friends in the clan am in fix it please

  • Joel Raghubir

    Ohhhhhh!!!!! Come on, supercell look into the matter you got all these people complaining doing uninstalling and reinstalling just to get war attacks in….you making a bad rep for yourself….peace out.

  • OneclickAce Rivera

    Done update,can’t open my coc account.

  • Salvin

    When i opened coc it shows connection error and my internet connection also went down

  • Katherine kim

    Mine says it keeps stopping I redownloaded I cleared cashe re started my phone still doesn’t work wtf!!!!!

  • KingMo

    I’m having the same issue. I tried everything in the book and nothing has worked. just a black screen. Whats going on here?

  • Elson

    I can’t update. After I update the “update” screen is still there but when I opened App Store it says “open”. And also I checked my updates and there’s no coc update. Fix it supercell…

  • Jordy

    C’mon Supercell.. How are you going to mess up an update so bad it literally makes my phone go stupid.

    PS. If you have the problem with loading CoC and then going to the internet to see your internet doesn’t even work. I can just disconnect and reconnect Wifi and it comes back up. Only when I try loading in the game does it do that though.

  • Mako capone

    EXACTLY what its doing to me

  • Tillie McHone

    phone just keeps saying connection error check your internet connection. It was a good enough connection to download the big file for the app but the second I try to play its not a good connection. Then it actually messes with my connection, and I can’t use my internet until I uninstall the app. And restart my phone. I tried to reinstall it. And then its the same issue. So disappointed 🙁 LG stylo

  • Mako capone

    Same here after update its “connection error” anyone got any ideas??!!

  • Andrik

    same I tried deleting and re downloading the app but it won’t work, I hope I didn’t loose my data

  • D. Diaz

    Have tried to login with multiple devices and I’m still getting the same thing,…the black screen. Boom Beach is working fine, but not Clash of Clans.

  • Cazman

    Hey Guys, Seriously…If and only IF you have a Google account where you logged into Clash of Clans, will this work…I just fixed mine. Check your play store and see if it is in there. How I got into the game is: 1) Delete Clash of Clans. 2) Reload Clash of Clans in the Google Play store. 3) open app, it will start but stop. 4) shut phone completely off. 5)Turn it back on after 15 seconds AND open up Clash of Clan. You will not lose your play history. I am not sure 100% why it does not work for everyone, but I would guess it has to do with the Google play center, not having their account saved. Good Luck, it worked for me…Honestly.

  • Cazman

    Hey Guys, Seriously…If and only IF you have a Google account where you logged into Clash of Clans, will this work…I just fixed mine. Check your play store and see if it is in there. How I got into the game is: 1) Delete Clash of Clans. 2) Reload Clash of Clans in the Google Play store. 3) open app, it will start but stop. 4) shut phone completely off. 5)Turn it back on after 15 seconds AND open up Clash of Clan. You will not lose your play history. I am not sure 100% why it does not work for everyone, but I would guess it has to do with the Google play center, not having their account saved. Good Luck, it worked for me…Honestly.

  • Hobbsman

    After the update all i get is a message saying ‘clash of clans has stopped’ on my samsung phone. No problem on my iphone. Anyone know how to solve this?

  • C Stoinski

    Same here!

  • Leah Robertson

    It would be great if Supercell would chime in here. I was in war, wtf now I will lose!! they need to fix and send out something as well

  • Log Time User

    COC does not work after the update. LG G4

  • sawyer carey

    I have done the same thing. I tried to contact supercell about it but nothing in return.

  • sawyer carey

    I am on a LG premiere and the new update keeps not opening saying no network connection. I am pissed about this.

  • Ryan Morris

    What’s the point in this forum when no one is giving us a clue to why it’s not letting us open the game I’m on a s7 and I was on coc this morning all fine they do the update I go to back on it and it just won’t let me I’ve tried everything what I’ve been advised so please anyone had any luck yet

  • Ty

    After CoC auto will crash upon opening the app. I’m working with a Samsung S7 edge. The app will open to the black screen then shortly crash. Please get a quick fix to this!! Urghh!!

  • Tristram Johnson

    Tried it and it didn’t work for me. Done, uninstal and reinstal as well as hard reboots but currently no success. Hopefully this problem is so widespread they will have to do something about it.

  • Mathdog

    Same problem here. I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple times. Shut phone down and restarted. All to no avail. Someone better fix this, I have have a lot of time invested in this game.

  • Mudit Singh

    Aftet update it is showing connection error and my network crashes after that…

  • Mohammed Alloush

    I upgraded the game today and now it tells me there’s a connection error . i tried multiple wifi connections but it wont work

  • Ethan

    I go to the game but it says, “Good News! An update for this game is waiting!” Then under it, it says, “update” so I tap on, “update” and it brings me to the App Store. Then it says, “open” next to the crazy barbarian with drool in coming out of it’s mouth. So I tap on, “open” and then it brings me into coc. When I get to the loading screen though, it says, “Good News! An update for this game is waiting!” With the update button below it. I pressed th button and it brings me back to the App Store, with the, “open” button next to the barbarian picture. I pressed the, “open” button and just guess what happened. It said, “Good News! An update for this game is waiting!” I almost RIPPED my hair out. I don’t want to delete the game, knowing that I will lose ALL my stuff, and pressing the stupid “update” button sure isn’t working either. Flip. This. Game.

  • Oni Stephen

    i just got the new update but its not opening, please how do i make it work

  • Oni Stephen

    it is not still opening

  • Deshanda Watts

    I’m having the same problem

  • JK

    New version causes network crash on my LG G2 mini (Android 5). Reinstalling game or clearing caches/data causes same result – just not not connect to server because netd has crashed…

  • Heather

    After updating my game this morning it kept telling me to check my network connection. It showed I was connected to the wifi but nothing worked.. So I uninstalled the game *forgot* the wifi then re entered it and everything worked re downloaded the game and everything quit working again. I have done this over and over about 6 times now… Something with the new updates is causing the phone to not stay connected to wifi.. It really doesnt make any sense to me but thats what my problem is.

  • Saidul

    I have decided, to stop this game. Concentrate on studies. So many students wasting 2 or 3 years valuble time to this game like me.. today I s can 300 money for updating coc. Update not connecting uninstall. And install so many times. Iam frustrated. Iam edicted to coc. Im reliase to stop this game. Concentrate on studies. And u also stop this game.

  • Sudip

    Clash of clans keep stopping message coming and not atall opening….supercell fix it.

  • Ricky MacIntyre

    I’m having the same problem, this is just ridiculous!

  • Ricky MacIntyre

    Me too. How can this be fixed? The biggest update in clash history and we can’t even play it.

  • Cazman

    I updated, would not load, Close the app. Now when I try and open CoC, it says restart app. I keep getting the same message over and over again.

  • Ricky MacIntyre

    Clash was working perfectly fine before the update, after downloading it looks like it’s about to start up then it shuts down and gives me the option to “Restart App” or “Send Feedback”. Please help, I’m almost maxed th11 and was so excited for this update @TenTree (In game name) and my clan name is @RUTHLESS

  • Stefan

    Same here, and my Google Play store isn’t working properly, and my phone keeps rebooting to optimise an app. I have reinstalled and cleared memory etc etc, tried different internet connection types, nothing works. This is really beginning to look like Clash of Clans has broken the app store, every time I open CoC it makes my app store stop working and phone reboots. Very worrying indeed…

  • Usman

    Same here:(

  • SSnotinSA

    Solved it. Delete it from your device and reinstall. BUT make sure it has been saved to Game Centre (or whatever the Android equivalent is) so that you don’t lose everything!

  • SSnotinSA

    Me too. I have updated it but when I go to open it it keeps prompting me to update!

  • Tall Mark

    Was able to download the update but the game won’t open. I get a connection error, telling me to check my internet connection.

  • Nibu

    i cant open my coc after updated Plz help me

  • MrTanto

    Everything connection error with wifi or anything else.

  • Tushar

    From last 4days i cann’t open my coc game
    It show download content and it was loading but when loading reach to download content letter C Then a network connection error comes and it fails
    Amd also last two update like hammer jamm or
    Town hall 12 notification does not come on my phone but on other open it was working properly so plase help me i love this game and i want to play this a lot so please help

  • Usama

    Game stucks at black screen

  • habi hp MI

    On my mobile also same problem

  • habi hp MI

    My clan is not opening , 5 days or not opening help me

  • Lavin

    I m not playing coc from 2 days. But when I installed it the content was not downloading. The screen always show downloading content and it is failing. Help!!!!!

  • Jim Skelton

    Oops try again later

  • Sam Katz

    You have to uninstall Facebook

  • Sam Katz

    You have to uninstall Facebook. I know it sounds stupid, but just try it.

  • Frustrated

    Coc wont load on my s6 just black screen helppppppp

  • emjay

    I can’t open clash of clans for more than a week. it just doesn’t load. I’ve tried deleting the app then reinstall it but it’s still the same. is there an existing issue with coc and ios? oh

  • Mio Amor

    What’s happening to the COC game. After updating the game, it appears an error of opening the game and it’s show Black screen, Sometimes it’s open sometimes none. It is hard to open it.. I already uninstall and re-install it but it’s still the same. Can they fixed this Bugs and Errors. Hopefully Sooner or later?

  • Ross Hinton

    Can’t load COC just a black screen, and today boom beach updated now it has a black screen and won’t open. I have a Galaxy S 6 and all other games play fine, but haven’t been on COC for 4 days now what the hell is going on?

  • Rex Zimik

    I can’t open the game anymore. It says connection error and I uninstalled the game and installed it again and when I opened its the same connection error thing.Whats wrong with clash of clans server I cant even open the game anymore. Please help.

  • Bag Singh

    I am opening cover but it is showing maintenance problem


    After updating, its start page shows downloading content but that is not happening. The incomplete bar of download content remains incomplete. What to do?? I tried – another wifi then uninstall that app & re-install but still game is not opening.

  • Lauren

    I had same issue guys, i switched off ipad and turned back on again and its now loaded in fine/ hope this helps you all

  • Flamingdeath

    I can’t download the update whenever I click update it loads for a millisecond and then says update again im using Android btw Google play store hopefully will fix soon bc I have a th9 and I don’t want my year of playing to be wasted

  • Nuno J. Henriques

    Same here

  • Nuno J. Henriques

    That doesn’t work

  • Nuno J. Henriques

    Can’t download the update or open COC

  • Shahzad Chaudhry

    Its not working at all

  • Margaret Pryor

    Trying to access on samson notebook everything was ok until this morning

  • Margaret Pryor

    Cant download the update or open clas of clans aaaag

  • IrisGames2021

    On my iPhone 7 COC says it is updated and does not show that it needs to update, but when I try to play it’s in need of an update. I don’t know if I should just restart my phone or reinstall the app from the App Store.

  • Seth Blair

    How the heck do you refresh by downswiping?

  • Frankie Solomita

    How do refresh my updates. On iPhone 6 Plus

  • Simon Cheng

    Did the drag down and nothing happens. And suggestions for my iOS? This is frustrating.

  • teamster

    This worked thank you

  • Cameron Smith

    Just go to updates and pull down to refresh. the update will show!!!!!!

  • Don

    How do you refresh on an iPhone?

  • Duncan Krieger

    They must have just patched it. I refreshed the update and it went through. I’m back in my account.

  • Larry

    Reboot and refresh updates once again….it will work properly then

  • Don

    How do you drag down?

  • Duncan Krieger

    Same here

  • scott stogsdill


  • scott stogsdill

    Same issue

  • Richard Russell

    I have two accounts my android account is working but my iPad can not
    load the update, it appears the App-store does not recognize the new
    update. Same thing happened 5 months ago.

  • Dave

    Hi, i know lots are having same problem. Go to load COC and it says, Great News update available then goes to APP Store and when you press open it goes round and round in circles. i have not linked or saved game with server. please help. thanks

  • Ward Dilworth

    Running on Android with a Samsung Galaxy S8. At first I get a black screen…nothing seems to be happening. But if I let the game load for about a minute, it usually will start up. Probably an unintended bug from the update…which are always worse than the intended bugs… 😉

  • Brittney

    I tried logging to my game on my IOS AND it said I had a update. When I went to my App Store, no update

  • Suq Madiq

    Refresh App Update. It will show up.

  • john

    What’s the solution on this new update, on my Ipad.
    Obviously I’m not the only one.
    Just came at a Bad time (naturally)

  • Coll Woo

    Thank you! This worked!!

  • None

    I’m having the same problem as Mezz

  • Rodney Bland-Moore

    Samsung 7, updated in Playstore but when trying to connect, it is still saying “connection Error”???
    Tempted to uninstall game but worried about losing my base altogether???

  • Sonia Silvas

    Thanks, worked for my Iphone

  • Sonia Silvas

    Thanks, worked for my IPhone

  • Mezz

    No update in the App Store just Open. Wtf are they doing again ffs ????? I’m a co and need to be on !!

  • Jackson Bauer

    Just didn’t what u said. LOL IT WORKED. WHAt a lifesaver

  • Jackson Bauer

    Yes me to it’s not updating for me. Don’t even see it in the App Store

  • Sensitive girl

    Im deactivating my coc, sad. I update but doesnt open, i know it will require my ipad to update too, and when i do, my IOs will soon require a new ipad. It happened with my old one, i kept updating my coc that required updated IOS and soon it wont move again thus made me buy another ipad. Smart move

  • Mike

    Go to the app update and refresh. Boom and update.

  • hari prasad


  • Peter Owens

    Worked! Thanks.

  • Stewart

    I can’t get the update or in the game. Anybody else have issue or found a fix

  • hari prasad

    Thanks mate even it worked for me .

  • Paul Inzeo

    what a joke. . . UPDATE . . COC won’t load. .Connection Lost. .
    “Try Again” . . circle. .circle. .circle. .

  • Hayden

    Updated clash as requested…. app try’s to open and then says update available …press update available and it goes round in circles.. have iPad Pro and latest updates. Grrrrrrrrrr

  • Bob Valentine

    My Kindle updated but not iPhone 8, just says open?

  • Kevin Jones


  • BleedingBlacknRed

    same problem here. Assuming another fix will be coming soon

  • Morgan


    This worked for me.

  • Jason Gauthier

    Figured it out. Make sure you update your iPad with the latest iOS update then you will be able to update app on iPad.

  • Mel

    Thanks this helped me!

  • Roger C Davis

    Updated on iPhone X update completed but game won’t open tried deleting but now can’t make a clean install. Update worked great on Samsung tablet. Suggestions?

  • Jason Gauthier

    This is on my iPad.

  • kevin

    Go to your updates and slide the screen down to refresh the updates page and then you will see the COC update

  • F. Mouse

    Update worked on my android phone, didn’t work for my iPad (downloaded, then tried to open and it says update available, go to App Store, and now says open. Circle around. Tried rebooting iPad and still same.)

  • Peter Owens

    The update just goes back and forth between the update page and the open page.

  • Jason Gauthier

    My game only says open and not update. Tried everything.

  • Charlie

    In the same boat

  • Aris

    New version wont push through. Tried 0n my ipad and iphone both wont work. Version 10.134.2

  • Devon

    I go to update and the App Store only says open not update. I’m stuck!

  • Josh

    This it is about the they sorted out matchmaking in Legend League.

  • Mark

    Over on Twitter they have tweeted that Clash of Clans will be down for a server maintenance..

  • Aedan

    I want to transfer my coc to my iPhone from my old iPad but every time I try to open coc it asks my to update it which I have done multiple times but every time it tells me that my iOS is to old so it updates to the latest update it can and I open it and then it asks my again to update so I can never just get into my game a transfer it help please!

  • Nigonne Ger

    Im Stuck on loading screen

  • Mich

    Me too, it shows loading then it exits itself…..any help

  • Chris

    I also having issues with the app opening, just a black screen, it helps if I restart my phone every time I want to play……

  • Matt Palmer

    Same problem here

  • Dan Stacks

    Me too. This is BS

  • Tyler Cox

    Mine won’t update it is so slow it won’t go to one % at all so technical difficulties

  • Jason Peters

    Hi since the update i am having problems opening coc. The screen is black and timeout. I can open like every tenth time and in vs battle sometimes it searches fot opponents and timesout again. I have tried uninstalling and powering off phone and reloading 2 but still have the same problem. Any suggestions? Thanks i have a samsung galaxy6 phone

  • Deepak Joshi

    What’s about androiders
    Pls help me too only black screen

  • Amyy

    The new clan game feature is not working for my COC account. When I try yo start a new challenge nothing happens. I have completed 2540 coins in it.please someone help. I have also tried uninstall then install again. Still nothing is working.

  • LG

    I went to the App Store app. Clicked the “updates” icon at the bottom of the screen. Refreshed the screen by sliding finger from top of screen to bottom. After refresh it showed the “update” button.

  • Fibrostorm Fibrostorm

    I have a Androidnote 3 and cant bring up my coc game only a black screen appears HELP PLEASE

  • Bruce Wallwork

    I just got it too… Ipad air, go to app store, select “updates” from the bottom then I put four fingers on the screen and pulled down, it refreshed and there it was..”UPDATE” COC yes!

  • Kris Brown

    Just got it, don’t swipe from top down, just grab the middle of the screen and pull down a few times

  • Kris Brown

    When I swipe from the top down it just adds some screen that says “no older notifications” I have an iPhone 8

  • JK

    worked for me as well. Thanks Amanda Huggenkis!

  • Alan

    It’s not working for me either on my iPad Air. It goes to a sleep page, push the round button and it comes back to the same open COC, goes back to update.

  • Tony

    Found the trick that helped me. Follow the steps to refresh. After the refresh go back to the App Store page and keep pulling from top to bottom. Make sure to stay on the app page and it will come up. I had to pull from top to bottom 3 times on the app page to get it to come up. Hope this helps. Worked on my iPhone and iPad.

  • Tony

    After you pull from top to bottom and refresh. What steps are after that? Is pulling from top to bottom the refresh? It’s not working for me. Any advice

  • Anne Thomas

    It’s worked on iPad but not iPod

  • Steve Spencer

    YES!!! Worked on Iphone 7. Thanks so much!! Back to clashing!!

  • Melissa

    Just fixed mine go to updates in Apple app and refresh the page by putting finger on top of screen and sliding down to the botom and a bunch of things shoes an update and one was clash just refresh it

  • Melissa

    I don’t see libbs advice can you please re type what she said I scrolled threw and didn’t see her comment

  • Stefan

    Now it worked, see the explanation of Amanda Huggenkis below, thx!

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