Tesco Problems

Tesco groceries orders can be placed via their website and app, although if it’s crashed and there’s problems with ordering, the login, or you find the app not working, it can be frustrating when trying to get a weekly food shop done. This can certainly happen during Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the UK, which might see Tesco down today with a redirect message, although high demand can happen at any point in the year with queue issues and a waiting message.

Tesco Status insight for Wednesday 30th of September 2020

If Tesco is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Tesco Reports

@Tesco is there a problem with your app? I am trying to order my shopping and everytime I try to pay it won’t process my payment, I have tried 3 different cards now several times over! Please help

Hi @Tesco - seems to be a problem with the groceries app; upcoming orders are still showing even though these have been collected? My click and collect orders from 22nd & 29th Sept are showing on the main page as ‘Your can collect your order today’ - can you fix?

@JoyChatters Hello Joy, thanks for taking the time to get in touch. There is no code printed on the survey invitation you received - this would be below the QR code. I am sorry that this is the case and that the code is not working. Please pass us your name, address and email details. 1/2

@Tesco why am I having to fight to get a delivery. Already 1hr 20mins late! App saying it’s delivered but stores saying there a payment problem rang up to pay and they refuse delivery?? Telling us to come and collect even tho the stores in a town that’s in lockdown and we’re not

@Tesco Tried all of the above and it’s still not working I will email them thank you

@Pie1980 @JeremySimonMake @HeyImShirleigh Footballers , rugby players are all in a bubble and are not working part time in Tesco like these “athletes” so the chances of them spreading the virus is a lot higher It’ simple , even if we don’t go it doesn’t mean they won’t infect us whilst making our McDonald

@TescoTommy @Tesco Would you not if you nearly crashed into the door of a Mercedes, ‘cause A MASSIVE LORRY PARKED IN A DANGEROUS SPOT, AT A STUPID TIME, IN FRONT OF AN ENTRANCE TO A PRIMARY SCHOOL! This issue has been raised before, it’s an accident waiting to happen! Change hours or kill a child!

@Tesco is there a problem with your App, it's been telling me for about a week that my next C&C slots are the two previous ones I've already collected! My current one for this week doesn't show on the front screen??

@tescobankhelp any ETA on when debit card payments can be made to pay credit card bills again? Not working via app or website. It’s a Tesco Bank debit card I’m trying to make the payment from also.

@TescoContact Very dissapointed Tesco Sudbury, No staff cleaning shopping trolley handles, hand Gel dispenser not working only 1 cleaning station, most small shops have at least 2 gel dispensers. No cleaning station at exit. Corona will have a field day when it arrives in Sudbury

@Tesco Hey. One of your delivery drivers tried to drive under my property's archway and crashed the van into it. What's the best way to report this? Thanks.

@Tesco been in Hatfield store today, as was everyone else it seems. Way too busy, was told traffic light door system not working. Staff should be on the door to manage this & help with social distancing, especially with COVID-19 cases rising