Tesco Problems

Tesco groceries orders can be placed via their website and app, although if it’s crashed and there’s problems with ordering, the login, or you find the app not working, it can be frustrating when trying to get a weekly food shop done. This can certainly happen during Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the UK, which might see Tesco down today with a redirect message, although high demand can happen at any point in the year with queue issues and a waiting message.

Tesco Status insight for Friday 1st of July 2022

If Tesco is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Tesco Reports

@Tesco I can’t checkout on the grocery app - just keeps telling me KH details are incorrect. Have tried two different cards (both of which work every week) and no joy. Is there a problem?

@Tesco your Thornton Cleveleys express store cash machine at side of shop is not working, gone in store to inform staff but they said it does not belong to the store

@JasonVowles @Tesco Same, even logged out of app and logged back in, then uninstalled and reinstalled and still not working

@Pod_Point I have been to a few of your chargers over the past few weeks and found them not working, Tesco’s at cheethamhill manchester 50kw not working, Lidl in Royton 50kw not working and Lidl in Tyldesley Wigan 50kw not working. Is it possible these can be fixed pic.twitter.com/zFtJYx7KH9

🇬🇧Goodnight Everyone 🇬🇧 Doubt Durham police can keep this #beergate farce going for much longer Tesco v Heinz price wars - blimey Wish "Khant" was put under special measures Notice when there's "news" no cost of living crisis ➡️Got to find a way of not working over summer months

@btc8500 @Tesco You know what the actual problem is? The pound has crashed against the dollar since Brexit. So even though oil price is lower, it costs more in pounds.

@Tesco Can’t check out my order for delivery tomorrow as the Visa validation with my bank is not working. Been using the card for ages and never had a problem. Pls help

@Tesco is there a problem with the app? I can’t use any vouchers! pic.twitter.com/w6zF8bBOBO

@permanenttsb standing at the till in Tesco and can't pay for my shopping because my banks systems are not working. No ETA for a fix. Absolutely unacceptable

@Tesco you go from 4 cashpoints to 2, now there's only 1 and its not working! Not good enough Tesco listen to your customers

@Tesco @bhdaviesuk Me too - seems to have crashed completely now

Why is my clubcard double points voucher not working on my online shop "order does not qualify for this code" @Tesco