Tesco Problems

Tesco groceries orders can be placed via their website and app, although if it’s crashed and there’s problems with ordering, the login, or you find the app not working, it can be frustrating when trying to get a weekly food shop done. This can certainly happen during Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the UK, which might see Tesco down today with a redirect message, although high demand can happen at any point in the year with queue issues and a waiting message.

Tesco Status insight for Thursday 13th of August 2020

If Tesco is down today, then reports will be found below.

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Tesco Reports

@louisasykes79 Hi Louisa, I have just spoken with the store there. I have been advised they were missing parts and this is why they were not working however they are fixing them now as we speak. Thanks - Aiden

@Tesco not overly helpful having your lift and esculater not working at the same time. I’ve just left a full trolly of items as i’m unable to get upstairs with two children and a trolly. Off to @sainsburys

good things about not working: everything bad things about not working: i haven’t had a tesco meal deal in several months now

@Tesco Dear Rebekah, I have been trying to click the link but it’s not working. Please follow so I can DM that way. Thank you, Joel

@peracchm @NicolaSturgeon And i havent done restaurants, pubs etc either. One visit to an empty Tesco and one visit to an empty Subway with grandson since March. 107 days shielding, only seeing delivery drivers. I’m not working on emotion: I’d like to be reassured by science.

Not working here today 🇺🇸 but it has been equally incredible. The standard of actors coaching today has been off the scale & the recalls, callbacks & producer sessions coming thick & fast. I even took one important call in Tesco with a 😷 on! #actors #coach #manager #happydays pic.twitter.com/QSQ0RZhas3

@Tesco is there a problem with the online grocery app on the iPad? Keeps saying cannot reload or add anything to the basket?? Have re-installed app but still not working

@tescomobile I've had an unlock code for an old tesco mobile phone however it's not working. Please can you help?

@tntdrama ... not sure what happened but the Internet thingy isn't working any more. You know that blue e picture you put on my computer and told me to click, it's not working and I can't get onto my Tesco shopping.

@Tesco There appears to be a problem with your app? 2 weeks running now I've had issues with my favourites so takes forever to complete my online shop.

@Tesco hi is there anyway if you can check if your Tesco’s Rotherham store freezes are fridges are working today? I need to order some fresh food they have been broke for 2 weeks but don’t want to waste a delivery if there still not working thanks

@Tesco do you have a problem with payments going through on your online shopping app? My saved card stopped working this week and have tried a different card (it requested authorisation from my bank which I confirmed) but still isn’t working?