Tesco Down Today?

Tesco groceries orders can be placed via their website and app, although if it’s crashed and there’s problems with ordering, the login, or you find the app not working, it can be frustrating when trying to get a weekly food shop done. This can certainly happen during Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the UK, which might see Tesco down today with a redirect message, although high demand can happen at any point in the year with queue issues and a waiting message.

Tesco Status insight for Thursday 25th of April

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Lesley Reid
2 months ago

Unable to log into website for ordering in Richmond North Yorkshire. Been trying since 9.00 a.m.

Susan king
2 years ago

Can’t log on the banking app

2 years ago

The groceries website and app are normally very good. This is the 1st time I’ve ever had such a problem. I’m rather concerned now as it’s been down for over 24 hours.

Steve D-T
2 years ago

Down again, their website is pants – I would love to be in charge of their IT department tomorrow…… NOT

Jean Price
2 years ago

Cannot access Tesco groceries in Dorset

Patricia Bennett
3 years ago

App not giving specific hours to book. Website the same. PL23 1ET. Please advise if there is a problem
in my area.

Susan Owen
3 years ago

Can’t update my grocery order due tomorrow

3 years ago

Slot booked, items in basket but ‘error’ continuously at payment stage.

3 years ago

I have booked my slot on the app but it will not save changes, it just hangs

3 years ago

If I’m not in a queue waiting to shop online at Tesco, the app crashed and I lost all my shop.

Irene Forbes
4 years ago

Today Sunday 8th March 2020 Shopping selected but site not letting me complete the payment part. Getting fed up now. Think it will be Sainsburys from now on.

Angela Alexander
6 years ago

Trying to log in to my Tesco Direct account. All it keeps doing when I select ‘log in the my account ‘ is redirect me to the grocery app??? Never had this happen before

6 years ago

Tesco Direct has been a little funny with me today, trying to purchase something and when i got to checkout it said it was sold out. But I tried again and it worked… Spooky.

Richard Tate Racing
7 years ago

Tesco direct site had issues all day in checkout stage the orange pay now button won’t work. Tried on iPad and a new laptop no problems my end!

7 years ago

I had issues trying to access desktop version of the Tesco website about 20 minutes ago, seems ok now though.

7 years ago

My Tesco app keeps crashing, and before any asks me to delete and reinstall the app that doesn’t work either. Has anyone got any ideas in what I can do to get my Tesco app working again?

7 years ago

From my Tesco Clubcard vouchers I have a code for Pizza Express but for some reason I cannot print them off to take when i get my pizza.

8 years ago

I have tried placing an order on the Tefal FV3763 variable Steam Iron because it has been reduced from £39.50 DOWN to just £9.50. But when i go to my basket it is not there.

8 years ago

I am having issues with my online order, who do i contact about this issue?

8 years ago

I can see Tesco Direct going down on Boxing Day, sson as the sales go live the website will slow right down or go down. What do you think, will Boxing Day sale crash Tesco Direct website?

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