Steam Problems

Steam will let you download games via its online platform with regular sales to entice further game purchases. Problems obviously arise when Steam is down, and this would cause issues for millions of users if the outage continues for hours rather than minutes. During any problems and major downtime comments can be left in the section below, alerting our writers and also members of the Down Today community.

Steam Status insight for Wednesday 5th of August 2020

If Steam is down today, then reports will be found below.

Steam Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Dan

    Anyone else having trouble with steam, it seems to be having a few issues like people not showing up as online, or games crashing and lagging a bit.

  • Jessica

    For crying out loud, this is ridiculous that steam servers are down again, 3 times this week and we are only on Wednesday.

  • Becca

    ffs its been down since last night (UK) what is this?!?!

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  • Harris

    I am having hassle trying to open achievements in my profile account, is steam down?

  • Claire

    I have been trying to download CSGO and not happening.

  • Anon

    I am going to create the best game ever whereby Steam is going to get kicked about with some wind and yes thats me. No matter what i do steam servers are always down.

  • Matt

    Ah really? Read it on a news report on RT. Only website that has anything mentioning it. Ddos is childsplay though. Little kids thinking their elite hackers just for flooding a server and crashing it.

  • Biillyy

    Lol..that was a bunch of dumb kids claiming they did it for a bit of fame….how can anyone believe that? 😀

  • Matt

    Steams been ddos’d by a group called phantom nations. They announced the attack and called for help on twitter. And Twitter responded by deleting their page. Apparently steams tech team have stopped the attack and are bringing the servers back on now.

  • CaSp3r12

    maybe steam is down because is hacked from ddos, or maybe for the a lot people buying for the sale game

  • mn vid

    am i can know why the steam down ?

  • Biillyy

    lol I was in ark too…and my lv 250 quetz is out in the open alone..hopefully all players are kicked so map goes in stasis

  • Marcus

    Steam is down with out warning was playing online and if I’m logged out I’m sleeping on floor on a pvp server with all my doors open on ark evolvd 》《

  • Jack Wade

    Steam is down 23/12/16

  • Clive

    Is steam down right now, seems to be that the servers are not playing ball again. DDoS attack no doubt.

  • Larry

    I cannot even get onto the official steam status website, keeps saying request timed out, at least we have you guys.

  • Eric

    Steam community offline for me, tried to play DOTA 2 and not letting me. Goodnight to the servers.

  • Jessie

    I am in Brazil and not letting me log in to Steam account.

  • Billy

    Steam servers always go down every Tuesday for maintenance.

  • Joan

    Steam servers are down, is this the end for Steam?

  • Jeffa

    Steam servers seem to be playing up for me, not able to get online to play a game.

  • Rhona

    Is Steam down today because i cannot get online?

  • Max

    I have heard Steam is down for maintenance, but I cannot find anywhere that can back this up. Does anyone know anything as to why i cannot get online?

  • Victor

    I cannot login to my steam account, I am in Germany.

  • Billy

    What is going on with team right now, i am down in London. Just cannot sem to connect all all right now.

  • Jake

    Is Steam down today? Would love to know what your Steam status is right now because I seem to be offline.

  • kittykanon

    10/27/15 7:34 steam is down, I don’t know how long I can last….

  • ChrisAFC

    Steam has been “offline” then “online” then “offline” then ‘ welll you get the picture… It would be nice if Steam explained a little…

  • Chris Solomon

    steam outage right now 8/23/15 5:45PST
    steam connection manager is offline
    steam—– it might be easier to list what isn’t down…
    Steam OS repositories are still up
    DOTA game coordinator is still up
    CS:GO services still up
    everything else is down

  • Aira Dela Cruz

    Why even doe my pass and user is correct it wont let me go in at steam store

  • Aira Dela Cruz

    I am reediming a code for steam money but when i log in , in my account details , it wont let me log in even doe my user and password is correct

  • sonny

    my store isn’t loading and says this; An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #97.ae6a1db8.1437987129.43186fed

  • Lisa

    I am seeing this – An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #97.a76a1db8.1437986277.20b9af8

  • Maccy

    Steam Store is not opening up. Coming up with an error message.

  • vanique

    Steam is all up and running now i guess, but some games still kicking me out.

  • Chase

    I purchased a game and it is not showing up in my library, how not?

  • Lucy

    Will steam go down today before the sale starts, or will it just kick-in without an outage?

  • Kat

    Well, if all the rumors are correct then the steam summer sale date is June 11 2015 and that’s today. The time, who knows.

  • Rob

    I heard yesterday that the start time is 6pm in the UK, or around 1pm in New York. I can’t see the games live for the steam sale yet on their online store.

  • Ben

    I also what to know what time the summer steam sale starts today?

  • Lowe

    I heard the steam summer sale will start today, anyone know the time?

  • Jane

    I recently saw a steam update and since i have had issues. Servers are having issues because i am my end.

  • Erik

    It is working now, it is all back online. So I am guessing it was a server glitch or a quick fix to something.

  • Kondor

    Went down on me in Hungary, was down for about 2o minutes then came back online. What happened then?

  • Nadal

    Steam went down on me in Bulgaria but all seems to be working fine again, strange.

  • jon

    Steam login is not working today, all I want to do is play dota.

  • Lorna

    I cannot seem to login to steam.

  • Andrew

    Steam login is down for me.

  • GL9K

    steam is down again today

  • Alex

    steam is back, finally was done for a short time around 30 minutes today.

  • Mark

    Steam is back now, it was down today due to maintenance.

  • evan

    any issues with steam today

  • Rusty

    Steam is not having it at all today in Huntington Beach area

  • Davey

    The Steam store is down today in Baltimore

  • T.I

    Steam down in Germany on Jan 3

  • Tom

    Steam store not working, same for friends in New York

  • Rob

    It’s down, London UK on Jan 2

  • Nick

    Steam playing up for me, it says I have to verify my account although nothing has changed and I’m using the same computer as I always do.

  • Jon

    It looks like the servers keep going down and then returning again. I am logged in at this time, New York.

  • Bran

    Steam down in kent, UK.

  • Kel

    I logged in and saw no players online and then I logged out and it wouldn’t let me get back in.

  • ricky

    Steam gets back up and then goes down again. Keeps happening and now about 3 times, which then takes a 3-5 min interval before reconnecting. I get to be on for around 2-5 mins before it will get disconnected again.

  • Casey

    west coast, still down

  • Jonno

    Still down in Logan, Ut

  • Jess

    The steam store has gone down and I am only getting a white page with an error page.

  • Corey

    Unable to log into my Steam account today, this keeps happening every week.

  • Jonna

    Is steam down today? I’m having issues, Sept 6.

  • Kerry

    Had a nightmare around this time yesterday and about 60 minutes ago Steam went down again today.

  • Trish Smith

    Steam was not working in Atlanta yesterday for about an hour, but all seems ok now.

  • Matty

    Steam was down for me, in Boulder, Colorado today.

Steam Reports

@Skitz470 @Steam @Steam_Support It still in my library it just seems like it is flagging it as not purchased? Launch game sends me back to purchase page. They have made no effort to communicate about the issue, as to whether they are aware, what is the matter, or if they are working on it...

@Steam Could you guys fix this bug? its so annoying, I want to play. I already own this game, and its saying I don't. It has been more than 1 HOUR, and still not working.

. @Steam_Support Dead By Daylight is not working, doesn’t open when we try to start the game. Please hurry up! @Steam

@Rexxenexx @Steam @Steam_Support Same thing happened to me. Steam went down about an hour ago and according to one of my friends, downloads are going slowly, servers are probably shitting theirselves at the moment

@Steam Fix your shit! Servers went down for maintenance and you removed a bunch of games from people's accounts. Wtf is going on over there? FIX THIS.

@Steam ur servers went down fix it fast millions of people waiting!

@Steam . You are not working. A n g e r y.

Its @Steam down? I cant connect to the Steam Servers :(

@Falmung @synthwave_wolf @play_pso2 It is quite BS, considering its an oopsie on @Steam behalf. Their support page is not even working for me to submit a ticket... 🤦🏻‍♂️

the DRM free version works perfect, it's just the @steam version which is not working!