Google Hangouts Problems

Google Hangouts is perfect for those wishing to use instant messaging for free, not only can you send text messages but also videos as well. Checking your Google Hangouts status could not be simpler, thanks to Down Today’s up-to-date community page where users can list their issues.

A few Google Hangouts problems do occur for both Android and iOS users, and of course on your computer. Total outages do happen with the service where everything goes offline, this could be down to an unknown error or for reasons such as a maintenance or official update. Maybe you are having a nightmare trying to load the Google Hangouts app onto your mobile device, SMS or MMS problems, whatever the reason please do leave your status report below.

Are you having any Google Hangouts issues? If you are we want to hear from you – When the service is up and running smoothly it is a fantastic addition to connect with others.

Google Hangouts Status insight for Tuesday 4th of August 2020

If Google Hangouts is down today, then reports will be found below.

Google Hangouts Problems? Share your issues with Down Today readers:

  • Chris

    Not able to read any of my Hangouts messages, I am receiving them but cannot open to read them.

  • Pedro

    I have not chatted to my best mate for like 15 days now, she is in a different country and using the mobile is just too expensive so we use Google Hangouts. But for a while now not been able to get through to each other, any other alternatives out there please.

  • Martin

    Hangouts os offline on all platforms, tried sending messages and chat and nothing.

  • Kim

    I cannot send any messages via hangouts on personal or work.

  • Jimmy

    Google Hangouts is down right now and I have no idea why.

  • Craig

    What is everyone’s Google Hangouts status right now? The reason I am asking is because my status is down.

  • Billy

    What is error 212 because this is what i am getting when i try to access Hangouts?

  • Ulrick Gdaison

    So the little profile pic indicating where the receiver of the message has read up to seems to be a bit glitchy for me. It started doing this sometimes around a month ago…idk what’s really happening but I could use some tips if there are any.

  • William

    Google Hangouts MMS messages seem to have stopped working this morning.

  • Porter

    Hangouts not sending today.

  • Inka

    So many people moaning about their Hangouts app not loading, just switch phone or tablet off and then come back in and the app should work fine.

  • Timmy

    Google Hangouts app in Gmail not working yesterday, and still the same today for me. I am using galaxy s5.

  • Joanne

    Not able to send messages via voice or hangouts, i can sign in just fine and then thats it.

  • Leah

    making calls on hangouts is troublesome, all I keep getting is i have to install some voice plugin, whats that all about?

Google Hangouts Reports

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