iTunes Connect Problems

The worst nightmare for users is when iTunes Connect is unavailable, and in this we mean when the official website is offline with service down completely. Millions of customers would not be able to access their account that connects them with the iTunes / App / iBooks stores.

iTunes Connect is there in place to allow customers’ the ability to manage multiple things such as content, availability, contracts and pricing. It also allows people to download iTunes Producer to make books and music deliver in a seamless manner.

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Is iTunes Connect down, are you have issues with login etc? So many questions.

iTunes Connect Status insight for Saturday 2nd of July 2022

If iTunes Connect is down today, then reports will be found below.

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iTunes Connect Reports

@iTunes I purchased “BATMAN forever” soundtrack from iTunes but now I can’t download or listen to it and I don’t know why?

Having an issues for months where @AppleMusic displays one track and plays another and this happens for multiple tracks. Any solutions? @Apple #CustomerService #apple #applemusic #iphone @iTunes

Wait so @Apple @AppleMusic @iTunes we can’t pay for our music with our Nigerian cards again , trying to cut us off or stress us? What’s annoying is that whenever this is sorted I will now have to re download every song to my library, waste of gigabytes cc @InterswitchGRP

@iTunes Why can’t I download my @lukecombs album? It is 6/24, no? It’s showing “pending” in my Purchase History under my appleID. His song that was released a week ago doesn’t play either. Just shows as “purchased”.