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LINE call and message problems are a common occurrence with this app, and we here at Down Today would like to hear from you. LINE app is all about communication where users who have downloaded can send free messages and make free voice calls 24/7. And when issues happen they need somewhere to complain or get help from other people welcome to the LINE app problem community.

Some of the main LINE app problems that occur include login error where some users cannot gain access with their password etc, some people in the past have had issues with their login being restricted. If you are having any LINE app login issues please do share below.

Other troubles with the application can include downloading issues, apps installing really slowly, calls not going through, LINE app error messages. Other cases consist of LINE app error codes such as 101 or 104.

With over 600 million users worldwide are you the one having any issues with LINE?

LINE app Status insight for Sunday 26th of May

If LINE app is down today, then reports will be found below.

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2 years ago

I have trying to login for over 1 week now and on different occasions I don’t receive the verification code… I have searched everywhere to know if the application is undergoing a maintenance but nothing seems to be working… Can someone help

2 years ago

Trying to log onto the app from a new phone. It says a verification code has been sent to my number via SMS, but never received. Tried several times.

Basil Rowland
2 years ago

Wasn’t able to send messages to ppl so reset line now it’s coming up with verification is temporary blocked. What can I do?

I messaged them just before reset but these no way to message outside of the app which is bad customer services.

Steve Triky
2 years ago

Unknown error unable to process your request – Anyone who can assist with this would be a great help , i have an old Samsung Android Note 3 with my old contacts on it and I don’t want to loose them, I made the mistake of creating a new account with my new smart phone Note 20 and now I have managed to disable my note 3 contacts , its saying I can not use device , it looks like you are using this account on another device.All your LINE data on this device will be deleted.
I have managed to use the back arrow and still get into the chat section and see all my contacts and photos for each contact however I try to send messages but it can not send,,,,,,Is there any way I can get around this without moving my contacts??? And making it work again???

3 years ago

Eevery time i try to log in,i get the message that a cod will be sent,but it doesn’t…
So i press the resend-
Still the cod isn’t sent.
I have have the app on my ipad & my iPhone
I restarted them,nothing helped.
It’s been more than 24 hours that I can’t log in
Because I’m getting the message:
“Verification is temporarily blocked” !!!

Rizka Akbar
3 years ago

Why LINE send message only with wifi, if with mobile data is failed

Rizka Akbar
3 years ago

I cannot sent dan receive message if I use mobile data, why it is work only wifi

Keith Angus
4 years ago

When I make calls with my iPhone on the Line app, my picture has changed to black and white. How can I get the colour back?

4 years ago

What does error 320 mean ? And how can i know if the call was disconnected due to internet issues or the other part has hang the phone

4 years ago

Today, i tried using line to make call or video call but was unable to do so. messagings still able to receive and send. I tried switching off then on the phone but still the same problem appear

5 years ago

The user trying to call is another call. Please try again later. (T309)

Oreo Vibes
5 years ago
Reply to  Huadai Gao

Did you ever find a solution? im having this issue now.

5 years ago

My mom has a nokia lumia 530 dual sim phone. whenever she tries to make a voice call using Line app, it keeps displaying “Syncing account data” and the call doesn’t happen. Even after restarting the phone or waiting for some time, the app keeps doing the same thing. What do i do?

David Bell
6 years ago

Will not open, I am getting notifications, but keeps saying updating your data

6 years ago

kind of annoyed that it gets stuck at the 99% point when synching account data even though i had just uninstalled/reinstalled to try and solve massive and horrible lg issues on mobile version.

6 years ago

I can comment and join a public relay but it won’t let me like it can you help tell me why that may be

6 years ago

I’m not receiving messages and my messages arnt being received either

Margaret Yukie Kanomata
6 years ago

Oh i’ve been trying to talk and use the video on the app Line. It keeps telling me to go to the setting and access the microphone button but I couldn’t access it. What seems to be the problem. Does anyone out there can help me find the answers

Margaret Yukie Kanomata
6 years ago

I recently tried calling on the Line app but failed to do so and even the photo is not sending too. What is the cause of this problem. Please can anyone help me start using the phone on Line app

6 years ago

Everytime i try to join a call it says “unable to make call (51)” and i can’t join…what do i do?

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